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Ayurveda Neem Body Oil

A combination of high-quality oils to rebuild and soften the skin

Our Ayurveda inspired body oil is expertly designed to keep skin soft and rejuvenated.

YELASAI combines luxurious, moisturising oils with extracts to enhance the skins natural protective layers and support cell renewal.

Our oil penetrates the skin:

The skin is made up of multiple layers which are constantly renewing and shedding themselves. Unlike thicker substances, essential oils are high in water content which enable them to seep into the skin’s deepest layers. Oils hold the ability to moisturise the skin thoroughly and unblock pores to allow continued regeneration.

The benefits of Neem tree oil:

Why is Neem oil so special?

Used in Indian Ayurveda medicine for over 5,000 years, the Neem tree is quickly gaining recognition in the West as one of natures most rewarding remedies. Commonly known as ‘the miracle tree’ across India, its oil contains anti-fungal properties, antioxidants, and high levels of vitamin C and E.

The fatty acids found in neem tree oil help to build collagen and maintain elasticity in the skin. Neem oil can also be used to care for fungal infections such as ringworm, as its properties help fight infections and repair damaged skin.   

Our natural body oil helps to:

  • Create and youthful and radiant complexion

  • Fuel the skin with natures finest ‘miracle ingredients’

  • Enhance cell production

  • Soothe the skins deepest layers

  • Balance the skin

  • Repair damanged skin

  • Promote skin longevity


Sacha Inchi oil 

‘The Gold of the Incas’

Derived from the Sacha Inchi seed, Sacha Inchi oil is high in omega-3, omega-6, and unsaturated fatty acids. Using this on the skin allows the body is absorbs the oils omega-3.

Sacha Inchi oil helps to naturally care for oily skin, as it balances natural sebum production and eliminates the need for the body to produce excess oils.

Argan oil

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil 

Argan oil is used in care and beauty products for its powerful vitamin content. With a high content of vitamin E, argan oil helps to reduce inflammation and promote a smoother, calmer complexion.

Argan is an effective form of anti-aging oil and has be proven in many studies to significantly improve skins elasticity.

Sesame oil and sunflower oil

Linoleic acid found in these natural plant oils is used by the body as a form of energy and helps to support the flexibility of the cell’s membrane. A deficiency in Linoleic acid can cause itchy and scaly skin.

Using our high-quality oils can help to increase water permeability and improve skin hydration.

Jojoba Oil

Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil

Jojaba oil is filled with skin nourishing properties. The makeup of Jojoba oil is similar to the skins, making it less likely to clog pores and build up on the skins surface.

By including Jojabo oil in our body oil, we help to prevent acne and the production of excess oils.

Caring for skin, naturally

All our natural skin care products are free from hormones, synthetic fragrances, colourants, and preservatives. Use our luxurious oil to hydrate and maintain your skins natural balance.

Experience the benefits of natural neem oil and indulge your skin with our luxurious body oil.



For best results, apply and massage oil on damp skin after shower, bath, swim, or sauna. 

50ml Ayurveda Body Active Neem Oil lasts up to 3 months at recommended application.