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Ayurveda Lash Active Tonic

Promote natural long lashes with oils and extracts

Eyelashes have become so much more than strands of hair that grow at the edge of the eyelid. To promote natural long lashes, YELASAI experts believe in consistent and targeted care. 

Extensions, mascaras, and false eyelash sales are at an all-time high. With so many quick-fix products available on the market, increasing the length and density of lashes can add a strain on follicles and cause lashes to thin and fall out.

Our eyelash serum encourages eyelash growth and cares for lashes and brows with a combination of high-quality nutrients, essential oils, and vitamins. 

YELASAI eyelash serum and packaging

Stimulating hair growth, naturally

We are passionate about helping our clients and customers achieve natural hair growth and strive for long-term, maintainable results. We support customers with alopecia, baldness, aging hair, and care for hair during chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

It is important to us to create products that are suitable for all skin types and sensitivities. Our lash serum is no exception. We combine Ayurveda principles, with our extensive knowledge of natural hair growth to bring you the best eyelash serum possible.

Gentle on lashes

Our serum is designed to:

  • Stimulate eyebrow and eyelash growth

  • Encourage fullness back to over-plucked, waxed or styled lashes

  • Keep hair and roots moisturised and nurtured

  • Fuel eyelashes with vitamins, essential oils and extracts

  • Promote Eyelash longevity

  • Coat lashes and brows with a protective layer that helps them keep them growing and thriving

Our serum is suitable for:

  • Men and women experiencing short, sparse, or weakened eyelashes due to medication or cancer treatments.

  • Those prone to allergies and reactions, as we only use gentle and natural ingredients.

  • Lashes that are becoming loose and thin due to eyelash extensions and make-up.

  • Those wishing to fuel lash roots with nutrients and encourage growth and fullness to brows and lashes.


YELASAI use a patented formula to help customers worldwide experience natural growth without the use of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, paraffins, silicones or hormones.

Our growth serum is packed full of fermented ingredients that are caredully selected to stimulate follicles on sensitive lashes and brows. Ingredients include:


Mushroom extract

We ensure that our mushroom extract is of the highest quality. We use mushroom extract in our serums to promote skin regeneration and reduce inflammation.

Our mushrooms are packed full of vitamin D, antioxidants, and minerals to promote hair growth and stimulate blood cells.

‘Dragon’s blood’

Croton Lechleri Resin Extract 

Given the name ‘Dragon’s blood’ for it’s dark red sap substance, this South American tree extract has been used as a homeopathic remedy for centuries.

Used a luxury ingredient in our growth serum, dragons blood helps to firm, protect, and repair the skins surface.


Buchanania Lanzan Seed Extract 

All our products are inspired by Ayurveda natural remedies and teachings. ‘Chironji’ refers the the Buchanania Lanzan tree and has been used in India since ancient times for its immunity boosting and skin soothing properties.

Our ethically sourced Cjironji extract soothes eyelash follicles and encourages new cell generation.

female applying yelasai eyelash tonic to eyelash

Treat your lashes to our natural formula

Our Ayurveda-inspired lash tonic can form long, beautiful eyelashes in a matter of weeks. With regular use, you can make eyelashes grow back to areas of baldness and utilise the product as a natural alternative to eyelash extensions.

Indulge your eyelashes and eyebrows with growth stimulating nutrients and enjoy some of the best ingredient’s nature has to offer.



Use our natural eyelash tonic in the morning and evening on bare lashes. Apply to both the upper and lower lashes and avoid direct contact with eyes.

After application, mascara and make-up can be applied. Product will act as a nutritious layer underneath and fuel the lash throughout the day.

Ayurveda Last Active Tonic can be used on those with sensitive eyes, lash extensions and those with permanent make-up.

When used daily, bottle lasts around 3 months.