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‘Caring for my hair during and after Chemotherapy’

Our client’s experience with YELASAI during and after Chemotherapy treatments

“I am a 64-year-old woman and I learnt that I had breast cancer. The doctors told me that I would need to undergo Chemotherapy and I was nervous that I would lose my hair. I approached my local Hair Active Expert for advice on caring for my hair during and after treatment. 

Stefan explained YELASAI’s ONCOHAIRCARE chemotherapy hair care natural concept. It did not take long for me to decide to sign up and I started YELASA’s natural care one week before my first Chemotherapy treatment. 

For the first three months, I had chemo every three weeks. After that, once a week. About one week after my first chemotherapy, I noticed that my hair was falling out. Around 20-30% of my hair remained, so I decided to cut it short. For me, it was more comfortable than a wig.

My Hair Active Expert had gently prepared me for possible hair loss and motivated me to work on encouraging new hair growth. To my amazement, I could see new hair after 7 weeks of Active care. I was halfway through my chemo treatment and my hair was already growing back – It was a good feeling.

Sometimes, I would be disappointed with my hair growth progress, but Stefan would show me my progress photos and I would see that I was in fact growing more hair on every appointment. Stefan took photographs every two to three weeks and every time I could see new growth. It gave me strength and motivation to continue.

I would often share the photos with friends and family and it was great to receive lovely feedback. On the last day of my chemotherapy day, my hair was about 3cm long – It was such a great feeling knowing that I had helped to fuel my hair through the treatments. 

I would recommend the care of a Hair Active Expert to those wishing to encourage natural hair growth. I would visit again anytime. I felt that my expert helped me through the program with his positive and helpful attitude. It motivated me through exhausting therapy. Our motivating conversations gave me confidence and strength. My fear was reduced, and I felt somewhat safe in the fact that I was doing something good for my body with the products and care.

The whole process helped me endure the stressful period of Chemotherapy and I am grateful for that. I recommend both the products and services. I am eternally thankful.”


Hair growth progress during and after chemotherapy
client hair growth after chemotherapy treatments

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