COVID und Haarausfall

COVID and hair loss

The hair growth specialists of YELASAI observe with their customers after a COVID SARS2 disease, in addition to fatigue, poor performance, persistent loss of taste and smell, hair loss, sometimes in clumps.

In medicine, we speak of long COVID or post COVID syndrome in those people who have survived the disease but still do not feel healthy. Brittle, brittle hair and also hair loss are also reported after COVID vaccination.

The COVID disease leads, among other things, to inflammation of the vascular walls (endotheliitis), which can occur in the pulmonary capillaries and generally in all vessels.

The vascular inflammation can lead to a multisystemic inflammatory syndrome (MIS) (inflammation in multiple organs) - even in those organ systems that were not primarily affected by the virus and thus also in the vessels of the hair roots. This was demonstrated in a study published in 2020. There, in addition to inflammatory and urticarial (allergic) skin diseases, hair loss due to vascular inflammation is also described.

In an attenuated form, this can also occur with vaccinations, which is attenuated and less likely to have the same consequences as the disease.

Thus the observation of the hair growth specialists is comprehensible and explainable. Integrated into the holistic application concept of the hair growth specialists and if necessary supplemented by a likewise holistic treatment by physicians and or welfare practical men the chance could exist to improve the functions in the immune system and organism again.

A contribution of hair growth specialist Dr. med. Bernd Seitz