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Yelasai NEWS - NEWSPAPER 01/2022

Dear readers

When I met my first client with circular hair loss in my practice for depth psychology in 2009, I did not yet know what path lay ahead of me. At the time, it just touched me deeply that after 1.5 years of unsuccessful medical repertoire and being stamped incurable, half her head without hair, without a hope of ever growing hair again, my client was given up and discharged. In this magazine you can read on page 4 and 5 how she is doing today.

The care concept for hairdressers was inspired by an Indian doctor and Karin El Benna from Waltalingen; my first hair growth specialist in Switzerland. Through her, I learned that scalp care was a minor topic in hairdressers' training courses. This motivated and encouraged me to intensively study the extremely important topic of scalp care and thus to impart specialist knowledge today. On page 10, you can find out how the first hair growth specialist is on the road today.

In my research, I am guided by the latest findings from around the world, but I also pay attention to what was taught earlier on the subject of hair and scalp. On page 5 you can see what earlier researchers and doctors have found out about this. I am curious what you think about it, maybe you also get the impression that hair is much more than dead cells?

Cosmetic care of scalp and hair has nothing to do with medicine. Therefore, it is exclusively about conscious care, cleansing and nourishment of skin and hair. Images of the scalp with the micro camera at the hair growth specialist provide information about what is currently going on the personal head. This facilitates the understanding of the individual scalp care. Many thousands of people have already benefited and especially young people are no longer blind to premature hair loss. Hair growth specialists are hairdressers who have made it their business to advise and accompany people around the complete spectrum of the sensitive topic of hair problems with heart and attentiveness.

In this sense, much new knowledge and enjoy reading this magazine.


> How it all began ...
The first customer of the hair growth specialist

> Old hair assumptions
Medullary canal and gill

> Mobile radio, WLAN etc. = stress
The ultimate technology for a healthy life

> Capillary Gymnastic
Scalp relaxation at the push of a button

> Interview
Karin El Benna - YELASAI's first hair growth specialist

> Glycerin
Yes or no?

> No Hyarulon
in YELASAI products

> Hair
Attractive and useful for health

> Micronutrients
Healthy for skin, hair and nails

> Corialith dolomite powder
Base mixture with dolomite rock powder

> Corialith Mineral Basic Bath
Wellness at home: The basic bath from Corialith

> Coriaderm
Nutrient care for the skin

> Interview with
with "Kassensturz" legal expert Dr. Doris Slongo

> Covid and hair loss
by Dr. Bernd Seitz

> Approved Nature
Symbol for the respectful treatment of nature

> Delicious at the end
Recipe ideas by Gabriela Coria

YELASAI Trainer in Germany

Help with hair loss: causes, solutions, Yelasai concept.

How it all began...

The first customer of the hair growth specialist

Interview by Gianni Coria with Karola, the first customer of the hair growth specialist.

Gianni Coria
It all started with Karola, who laid the foundation for the Hair Growth Specialist. She is the origin and I am very pleased that she tells us 1 to 1 how it happened to her and how she is doing today with the hair.

In 2009 my hair loss started, it documented like this. I wash my hair 2-3x a week, which is actually normal for me. Then I washed my hair normally on a Sunday, blow-dried it and finished it. The next time I washed it was on Wednesday in the morning when I wanted to go to the company and noticed that I had a circular hair hole on the left side, which was not there on Sunday. I immediately looked in bed and everywhere to see where my hair had gone. If so much is gone, they must be somewhere. But I didn't find anything and I can say that I suffered from this situation for a very long time. Then I gave myself another week and noticed how the hair loss became more and more. As a woman, of course, you get panic and try to cover it somehow, but then I immediately went to the doctor. I come from Germany and lived there at that time. The dermatologist said, "Let's have a look, but don't get your hopes up too high." As a woman, of course, that's great to hear. It doesn't exactly motivate you. In the end, it's not chronic damage; there are worse diseases, but as a woman, you're pretty massively affected.

2009 was not a positive year for me. From doctor to doctor, from treatment to treatment. From injections, light irradiation and whatever else there was. None of it helped, even the opposite, the hair loss went massively forward. Afterwards it was so that the complete left third of my hair was missing.

The statement of my dermatologist was: "You have to live with it now. I then said to myself "well what can I do, I just have to get used to it". At that time, I was mentally relatively far down. In winter you can put on a cap, comb your hair forward or use a whole bottle of hairspray, but you can't cover it up permanently. Through wind, etc. you see this hair loss and you notice how the environment looks at you pitifully because they think "She might have cancer" or something else bad. I then moved to Switzerland in 2010. Then a colleague in the company said to me "I might be able to help you, I know someone". She noticed how bad I was psychologically. I boxed myself in, didn't go out much and only visited a certain circle of friends. Meanwhile, it was also the case that I couldn't go to the hairdresser easily anymore. Strange people didn't want to take me anymore because they didn't know this problem and were afraid that there might be a recourse. One can definitely say that there were problems finding a hairdresser for me. Through my colleague I came to Mr. Coria in April and thought I'd give it a try, since I had already wasted a lot of money on German doctors and hair shampoos. My inner attitude was very skeptical, as I had already spent too much money on things that did not help me. Furthermore, I also became very careful about what I put in my hair.

Nevertheless, I was motivated to try it. At first I blocked a little because as I said, the products "A" had a particular smell at the time and "B" were costly. Mr. Coria was so nice and just brought it home to me and said "Please try it, just try it!". The worst that can happen is that the products don't help, but I promise you IT WILL HELP!". So it did, I used the products and in November 2010 my hair started growing again too. You cannot expect a positive effect overnight. You need a certain amount of calmness, a portion of patience and you must not stiffen on the fact that tomorrow you will already have a hair splendor without end. You have to believe in it and use the products regularly. As a result, I have had this experience that it has helped insanely. I am so happy and proud that my hair is back. For 40 years I had thin and fluffy hair.

I had always tried to get a stable shape with curls. In addition, they also hung down quite lifeless. Since I used the products, I no longer needed a cold wave. This has changed my hair structure insanely and I am more than happy to have "normal" hair again. Even my hairdressers say that my hair grows much faster, is much more stable and just carries more of the strength and fullness out than it used to. That is in hop words my story.

Gianni Coria:
Hairdressers know that a condition doesn't stay forever. Do you still use the product today or did some hair fall out after you stopped using it? What is your experience with it?

I still use the products today. Not as regularly and with every hair wash as before, but I know and can see that it has a lasting effect. As I said, I am totally disappointed in the doctors. Alone with the statement "Yes there you have to get used to it". I think this is one of the worst things that can happen to a person, especially a woman. I am so glad and happy that my path led me to Gianni. To have found someone who understands the problem and who makes you feel safe. Someone who accompanies you and gives you courage. In the meantime Gianni and I have a "hairy friendship" and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for giving me back my quality of life.

Here is a short excerpt about the findings already made at that time: Since, as is well known, it is not indifferent for the health of man whether he wears his hair cut very short or lets it grow long, whether he shaves a strong beard every day or lets it grow freely, whether he loses his hair in unusual quantities or enjoys a healthy, abundant growth of hair, the hair must contribute essentially to the maintenance of unclouded health and play an important role in the maintenance of the organism. It must be destined to carry out substances from the body, but also to absorb substances from the outside and to incorporate them into the body.

Several exact observations confirm this assumption, which was reached by the microscopic observation of the tubular, fine interstices in the inner bark substance of the hair, as well as by the observation of various symptoms and vicariant activities in the human organism, which occurred after a rapid loss of hair, e.g. of the main hair. A single hair, on closer inspection and microscopic examination, represents not only a fine tube, but a system of tubes. By this so extremely fine and artful construction the nature wants to reach obviously higher purposes and to enable the hair to particularly fine, so to speak to higher art performances, namely to serve as an absorber and away conductor of gas kinds, yes even of liquids. The question now arises: Is the outflowing activity of the hair greater than the sucking in activity or vice versa? Physical researches made by Dr. E. R. Pfaff have shown that the ability of hair to suck up is the same as the ability of hair to flow out. This important fact teaches us the whole meaning of the function of the hairs as absorbing and outflowing capillary tubes and at the same time gives us a small picture of the otherwise unnoticed but uninterruptedly continuing interaction between air and organism, which is therefore not only effected by the lungs and not only by the outer skin, but also by the hairs. In other words, the hairs are respiratory organs. From this, however, very important conclusions can be drawn, which altogether find their explanation, their reason in this function of the hair. The head, which used to be richly hairy, becomes bald and thus loses the intake and outflow channels; from this moment on two organs take over a vicarious activity. The scalp stripped of hair transpires more strongly than before and in the urine from now on for a long time, sometimes through the whole life, a sediment (precipitate) is found. Therefore already the researcher Dr. Eble, so deserving for the physiology and pathology of the hair, has explained the hair for a kind of respiratory tools, similar to the tracheas of the insects, and Oken even for simple gills, which are dried up in the air. This view finds its main support in comparative anatomy, which, however, we cannot discuss further here.

We learn today that hairs are dead and perform various weather protection functions. However, as you could read, the earlier scientists went much further. The active care of the scalp belongs to our everyday life like brushing our teeth, so that the body can fulfill all its functions of the hair and skin, whether we know them or not, more perfectly.

The ultimate technology for a healthy life

Mobile phones, WLAN and the like have become the standard in modern life. Unfortunately, so have the effects of electrosmog on the human organism. Current scientific research points to the changes in brain activity and cognitive performance caused by electromagnetic radiation. Is there a way out?

With the Gabriel technology in the products, you can regularly "de-stress" yourself in the background from harmful stress - day and night. A calming feeling.

Do you have any questions? Then visit www.gabriel-technologie.com or contact your participating hair growth specialist.


To further stimulate the scalp, a new type of head massager has been developed.

Relaxing. Activating.

Equipped with Gabriel-Tech

Scalp relaxation and well-being at the touch of a button.

Relaxation at the touch of a button
Puristic, gentle, nurturing: characteristics that make Capillary Gymnastic stand out - additionally emphasized by its easy handling. Even when it comes to ergonomics, the stimulating massager does not hold back, but nestles optimally against your head.

For more information, please visit the product website https://capilgym.com/.

The feeling of well-being from the Zürcher Weinland

A visit to the first hair growth specialist Karin El Benna

Hair growth specialist Karin El Benna - Waltalingen

A new style in mind, the natural radiance of beautiful hair that arrives in the mirror opposite: in Waltalingen there are many good reasons to put your well-being in the hands of hair growth specialist Karin El Benna. A declaration of love for the craft of hairdressing.

Surrounded by greenery, the small village of Waltalingen is located in the northeastern corner of the Canton of Zurich. For friends of well-groomed hair and scalp, the El Benna salon is a household name far beyond the borders of Waltalingen. As the first hair growth specialist, Karin El Benna has been successfully applying the sophisticated concept of Ayurvedically inspired hair care cosmetics, nutritional supplements and stimulation of meridian and acupressure points via the scalp for ten years.

Karin, natural appearance and personal radiance move you and your clients. What are your specialties in the salon?
When I founded the salon 40 years ago, this high level of specialization in the hairdressing trade did not exist. As hair growth specialists, we are dedicated to natural scalp and hair care. As hairdressers, we are the professionals for chemical-free vegetable colors. In addition, we also offer all classic hairdressing services such as normal coloring, perms, natural hair bleaching with mineral powder, as well as trend hairstyles and the calligraphy cutting technique.

You do a lot to stay up to date?
Yes, my team and I regularly attend continuing education courses and perfect our skills.

What made you decide to offer these specialties in the salon?
In my long career I have also had to accept setbacks. 20 years ago, I suffered severe allergic reactions and was faced with a professional ban. That put my existence to a hard test. At that time, I could no longer tolerate classic hair colors. Around the same time, I heard about vegetable colors, specialized in them and combined my coiffure craft with them.

What else distinguishes your salon?
Other specialties are "hair balancing" according to Mercury® and vitalizing. Through naturally gentle cutting techniques, the pressure on the scalp and the nervous system is reduced. A light, liberating feeling is created on the head. A hair vitalization takes about an hour, but stays in shape up to three times longer than an ordinary haircut. This kind of relaxation also brings clients with scalp problems more than "just" a good haircut.

How did you get into scalp massages?
We have always offered scalp massages. Then I tested special Ayurvedic care products and noticed that they promote hair growth. Since then I have been using YELASAI products. That's how I literally grew into the subject.

How do your customers take to the subject?
Very well. Clients who come to us once a week for twelve weeks see the first results in a very short time. Regular scalp massages can promote hair growth, regardless of how long clients have been suffering from hair problems. For me, the consultation and application as a hair growth specialist has become an important mainstay, in addition to the other services.

What hair problems do customers come to you with?
Hair is very important for self-esteem. In our salon we deal with just about all situations of hair loss: circular, total, hormonal or stress-related. The problem affects young men as well as women after pregnancy.

How do these people find you?
Most clients come to me by word of mouth. The gratitude of the customers is great and I always have nice encounters. However, I also reach many customers through newspaper advertisements and can draw their attention to my services.

Has anything changed in these special times with the customers who come to you with hair problems?
You can say that. In the last year of the pandemic, we had many clients with hair loss. Currently, we observe that individuals come to us after Covid19 vaccination because they suffer from straw-like and brittle hair. There are also clients who associate their incipient hair loss with this.

What further development do you expect in your salon with the hair growth specialist concept?
Due to the professional consultation and analysis as a hair growth specialist, we get more and more customers, because they feel and see that the holistic care concept promotes natural hair growth. The good thing about it is that many customers come from the hair growth program and remain "haircut" customers.


Yes or No?

I regularly receive inquiries about glycerin. For this reason, I have attached the scientific context of Jo Marty here again:
Again and again, the topic is approached in a very controversial way. Some cosmetic experts condemn the ingredient as "waste", as "harmful" even, stating that glycerin robs the skin of its own moisture and other negative properties are mentioned. On the other hand, the substance is highly valued by derma researchers because of its skin care and protective function as well as its supportive aspects. And both sides hit a right point:

Read more on the Glycerin Info page

Again and again we receive the inquiry why we do not use hyaluronic acid in YELASAI products. Here is a short statement:

Hyaluronic acid is an important component of the skin and fulfills various tasks such as moisture, elasticity, etc. In cosmetic products, the sugar-water compound is a very popular active ingredient, helps the skin to more suppleness and higher skin moisture.

However, Yelasai strictly follows the principles of nature such as the phenomenon: "everything that is not stimulated atrophies" Means; the skin produces hyaluron itself through complex processes. These processes are in turn connected with the skin immune system, the build-up of valuable enzymes, etc. If hyaluron is supplied from the outside over a longer period of time, these mechanisms are not started in the skin. And when the hyaluron content of the skin is saturated, the skin's own production of this important substance is gradually reduced. Like a muscle that is no longer moved, it not only reduces its mass but also lacks the impulses for the nerves, for acid degradation, etc.

This can also be seen when hyaluron is supplied from the outside; the skin immediately becomes more supple, but if the supply is stopped, the skin does not remain better moisturized, but feels drier in a short time than before the application with hyaluron. The skin was made -in the long run- dependent, among other things "addicted".

Yelasai does its utmost to activate and support the skin's own synthesis of hyaluron. Analogous to the muscle, the Yelasai products act like a sports training on the muscles, through training the muscle is built up, through the use of the Yelasai products the skin is stimulated to restore the hyaluronic acid more. (This through the enzymes contained and the synergy of some active ingredients in the Yelasai products). This way, which Yelasai has also chosen for hyaluronic acid, is more elaborate, more arduous and takes more time to supply the skin with enough hyaluronic acid than if the precious acid is supplied directly with a cosmetic product.

However, with our decision, we want to respect and promote the biology of the skin.

Hair - headstrong individualists

Text: Fred Lienhard Fritsche

Clothes make the man - clean skin, well-groomed nails and full hair make you attractive. Skin, nails and hair have an irrepressible urge to be productive throughout our lives and to constantly renew themselves. We use this renewable material to satisfy our vanity and give free rein to our creative spirit by getting our skin tattooed, painting our nails, coloring our hair and creating hairstyles.

Each hair is a more or less long thread consisting of horn substance (keratin), which is stuck in an invagination of the epidermis - the hair bellows or hair follicle. The growth of hair is a most astonishing biological unicum. Although we hardly notice it, hairs do not all continue to grow in the same way until the hairdresser applies the scissors to shorten them. Rather, hair growth occurs in a peculiar rhythm called the hair growth cycle (hair growth circle). This hair cycle, which is controlled by genes, growth factors and hormones, consists of three phases of varying duration. Hair grows, retires for a short time and finally falls out.

Own growth rhythm
Surprisingly, however, hairs are by no means homogeneous, but are idiosyncratic individualists. Each individual hair has its own growth rhythm and does not care about the growth matters of its neighboring hairs. One hair, which grows eagerly, does not care that a neighboring hair has already retired and another neighboring hair is just saying goodbye and disappears from the head forever while combing. The random distribution of growth rhythms ensures that with the large number of hair follicles there are always enough working intensively to lengthen the hair. Only in case of disturbances hair loss becomes noticeable. About 85 percent of the hair is in the growth phase (anagen phase). Blood vessels supply nutrients to the hair root so that the cells can divide very quickly and produce the horn substance (keratin) of the growing hair thread as if on an assembly line. Head hair is in the growth phase for about 6 years, armpit hair only 6 months, eyebrow hair 4 months and leg hair only 2 months. Head hairs grow about 0.4 millimeters per day or about 15 centimeters per year. In 6 years, head hair could reach a maximum length of about 90 centimeters. But if Rapunzel were not a Grimm's fairy tale character, her maximum attainable hair length would by no means be sufficient to catch a prince high from her tower.

Getting the nutrient supply going In the short period after the hair follicle retires (the regression or catagen phase), which lasts about 3 weeks, the nutrient supply through the blood vessels stops and the hair root becomes keratinized. About 2 percent of hair is in this phase of dormancy. Finally, in the shedding phase (telogen phase), the anchoring of the hair gradually loosens until the hair falls out when washed or combed. About 13 percent of hairs are in the rejection phase, which lasts about 3 months. After that, the hair cycle starts all over again. First, new blood vessels form again at the hair root and get the nutrient supply going again, so that a hair can grow again.

WHO declares stress the disease of the 21st century

Hair growth specialist Dr. med. Bernd Seitz

Stress has been declared the disease of the 21st century by the WHO - as stress is on the rise worldwide. Stress is an important reaction of our body to external influences, which makes us more efficient and active. But it is important to reduce it again. Stress must not be allowed to persist, because if it continues, our physical and mental health is in danger. Especially nowadays, stress and stress-inducing situations are on the rise, currently intensified, of course, by the Corona pandemic and its consequences. Stress hormone changes can lead, among other things, to reduced blood circulation in the skin and hair. Due to the stress-related increased consumption of vital substances, a frequently associated malnutrition and an often resulting hyperacidity, the supply of the hair follicles is restricted and thus intensifies the hormonally induced hair loss.

Micronutrients for skin, hair and nails

Problems with skin and hair are often the first signs of a micronutrient deficiency. The following micronutrients are particularly important for our skin, hair and nails. To keep them not only healthy but also beautiful, the nutrients should be supplied to the body in sufficient quantities.

Vitamin A promotes the growth and renewal of epidermal cells. It is also said to delay aging processes, reduce age-related damage and prevent wrinkles. Natural sources of vitamin A: Dairy products, carrots, spinach, egg yolks, liver, fish.

Beta-carotene gives the skin some (not absolute!) protection from sunlight. Natural beta-carotene sources: All fruits and vegetables in green and yellow-red colors.

Vitamin E, like vitamin A, is a free radical scavenger: it protects cells, including skin cells, from free radicals that accelerate aging processes and lead to skin spots. The vitamin also strengthens connective tissue. Natural sources of vitamin E: Cereals, vegetable oils, eggs, nuts, fish.

An attractive appearance also comes from within. A variety of vitamins and co. are responsible for healthy, radiant skin and strong, shiny hair.

Vitamin C is the third vitamin in the group of radical scavengers. It is also important for collagen synthesis. Collagen ensures firm connective tissue. It also ensures the moisture balance of the skin and stimulates the growth of hair. Natural sources of vitamin C: Peppers, CamuCamu, citrus fruits, kiwi, berries, cabbage, potatoes.


Micronutrients - produced in Switzerland according to a patented process.

Coriase Hair & Vital micronutrients are in organic form, so it can be assumed that they can be well absorbed by the organism, such as vitamins and minerals from fruits, salads and vegetables.

Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) promotes the energy metabolism of the skin and ensures that the skin cells are optimally supplied with nutrients. It can also bind water. It has been shown that an undersupply leads to gray hair - therefore pantothenic acid is also called the "anti-gray hair" factor. It also has a beneficial effect on skin and mucous membrane disorders. Natural sources of pantothenic acid: Mushrooms, cereals, cauliflower, broccoli, dairy products, meat, fish, legumes, eggs.

B vitamins, especially B2, B6 and B12 help the skin to regenerate. They also regulate the fat content of the skin and are responsible for cell structure. Natural sources of vitamin B: Dairy products, cereals, fish, meat, eggs, peas, beans, potatoes, peppers, cabbage.

Folic acid plays a role in the building of cells, including the formation of genetic material. Pregnant women have a particularly high requirement. Some medications, such as certain sleeping pills, the birth control pill or epilepsy drugs, can also lead to an undersupply under certain circumstances. Among other things, a deficiency impairs blood formation, leads to inflammation of the oral mucosa, nerve damage and impaired hair growth. Natural folic acid sources: Yeast, wheat germ and bran, calf and poultry liver, small amounts also in fruit, vegetables and fish.

Biotin is very important for the development of skin, hair and nails. For a sufficient supply, humans need their intestinal bacteria to produce it. A deficiency manifests itself, for example, in frequent nausea, skin inflammation and hair loss. Natural sources of biotin: Millet, liver, soybeans, egg yolk, nuts, oatmeal, spinach, mushrooms.

Guar and gum arabic are water-soluble, prebiotic dietary fibers and provide important components for healthy intestinal flora. They regulate digestion and promote detoxification. They also provide the plant environment that ensures a much improved and more consistent absorption of vitamins and minerals from the small intestine into the blood (absorption). Natural sources: processed guar plant and gum arabic (e.g. granules).

Calcium is essential for building and maintaining bones, teeth as well as collagen fibers. It is also said to have an accelerating effect on wound healing. Natural sources of calcium: Milk and dairy products, green vegetables, sesame seeds, nuts and mineral water.

Zinc is a component and at the same time an activator of many enzymes and is therefore indispensable for hair growth and the formation of skin structure. The general growth is significantly influenced by it. Natural sources of zinc: Nuts, legumes, cheese, cereals, oats, cabbage.

Base mixture with dolomite rock powder


A balanced acid-base balance is important for physical well-being. Corialith is the name of the mineral-rich alkaline mixture from YELASAI, which is available as a mineral alkaline drink and as an alkaline bath. The special feature of Corialith Drink: The mixture consists of micronized dolomite rock powder and various seeds and herbs.

Micronized dolomite rock powder from glacier milk
Corialith is made from micronized Swiss dolomite rock: a large part of the base powder - namely 68 percent - is obtained from the mineral-rich water of the glacier regions, which is interspersed with the finest rock particles and is called "glacier milk" because of its slightly gray color. The glacier milk in dried form is the basis of Corialith. In addition, there are herbs and seeds, which together with the dolomite rock should form a perfect team.

Psyllium for the intestines
Corialith is a mineral and herbal powerhouse - containing calcium, iron, silicon and chromium as well as psyllium powder, fennel seed powder, fenugreek powder, nettle seed powder, maqui berry powder, lemon balm, baobab and bamboo fiber. Calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes, psyllium contains water-binding and swelling mucilage. The recommended daily ration of the alkaline drink is two scoops per day. The intake should be combined with a sufficient amount of liquid. should form a perfect team.

Wellness at home: the Corialith alkaline bath


The alkaline bath from Corialith is theideal complement to the alkaline mixture and wellness at home: with minerals, natural salts, micronized dolomite powder and sea salt, the high-quality alkaline powder can be used as a full bath, foot bath, hand bath, for the sauna, as a steam bath, peeling or for alkaline wraps.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and loves a slightly alkaline environment: it supports the skin in its normal functions and provides an important basis for a normal exchange of substances through the skin (absorption and excretion of substances). The alkaline powder bath from Corialith thus ensures a feel-good environment and cares for your skin in an optimal way - either as part of regular applications, or accompanying an alkaline diet, supplemented with alkaline food supplements if necessary.

Our nutrient care for your skin


The best of nature for your skin: the Coriaderm skin care line
YELASAI's skin care line is called Coriaderm and combines the best of nature in three different products for face and body. The skincare line is based on 41 natural ingredients from high-quality fruits, vegetables and grasses that are fermented for over three years. Coriaderm was created to provide natural all-round care for your skin. The result can be seen, felt and smelled: more vitality and improved skin texture for all skin types, plus a beguiling fragrance - pure pampering.

New vitality through the power of nature
Natural enzymes and minerals, high-quality oils and the power of plants support the skin's self-regulation and strengthen it - regardless of skin type. The result is a lasting care effect: the shape, form and structure of the skin proteins are given a new direction, stressed or irritated skin can recover and achieve new vitality. Individual deficiencies are balanced and replenished in a natural way, skin irregularities find their way back to their original balance.

The ingredients include the best that nature has to offer and is suitable - among others calendula - Calendula officinalis - caring for redness and irritation, comfrey - Symphytum officinalis - promotes skin cell renewal, calcium carbonate - to improve skin elasticity and slow cell aging, and cupuacu butter - Theobroma grandiflorum - which strengthens connective tissue.

Cleansing and care in perfect combination
Overall, the care line counteracts skin imperfections when used regularly, but without over-caring. You get just enough stimulation to give your skin the boost it needs to self-regulate. For best results, use the combination of gentle cleansing, facial and body care on a regular basis. Your skin will feel wonderfully nourished and cared for - plus a fragrance of apricot and honey will pamper your senses.

Skin care at a glance


This nourishing and energizing face lotion relaxes stressed and irritated skin, has an energizing effect and makes the skin feel vital and improved. Natural ferments from various fruits, plants, grasses and algae stimulate skin functions and give a fresh and youthful appearance. Shea butter, vitamin E and sunflower oil nourish and moisturize. Apply morning and / or evening on cleansed skin, massage gently and enjoy the feeling of freshness and vitality!


The Coriaderm product Natural Ferment Body Wash is a very gentle shower and wash gel with a strong cleansing effect without stressing the skin: It refreshes with natural ferments from fruits and vegetables as well as high-quality plants and mineral extracts and strengthens the skin all over the body.

Wheat proteins and sea water extract maintain and build up the skin's natural protective function and provide energy. The contained damask rose relaxes and harmonizes the skin nerves. Thus, Natural Ferment Body Wash succeeds in perfectly preparing the body skin for subsequent care.


Complementing the cleansing and facial care is the rich Coriaderm body lotion made from natural ferments - with enzymes and plant substances including moss extract, jojoba oil and vanilla extract. The body lotion is quickly absorbed and gives the skin a long-lasting feeling of freshness - your whole body will feel protected and refreshed and vital at the same time.

Scalp or feet?

Sweating - which type are you?

People who sweat more through their feet often have less problems with their hair than people who sweat more through their scalp. If you sweat more through the scalp, active scalp care is essential. This tendency can already be recognized in childhood and could already be addressed at this time with an active scalp care preventively in relation to later unwanted hair loss.

Interview with "Kassensturz" - legal expert DR. DORIS SLONGO about her hair treatment with YELASAI

Dr. Doris Slongo - former, long-time legal expert for the program "Kassensturz", as well as lawyer, attorney and author, faces the following questions in this interview: How important is healthy hair? What problems did you yourself have with your hair? Special thanks to our interviewer Bettina Ludewig from SalonMag (https://salonmag.ch/) and the owner of HairVital Naturcoiffeur Salon (https://www.hairvital.ch/) Biljana Tobler, who made her salon available to us as a filming location


Legal expert Dr. Slongo:
Welcome and thank you so much for allowing us at Salonmag to speak with you today. What are your previous personal touch points with beauty and hair?

So for me, hair has always been important. I've had all kinds of hair -styles from short hair with an afro look to long, straight hair. I think, for me anyway, hair is even more important than clothes.

Have you also experienced hair loss?
Yes, I have lost a lot of hair over the years. It didn't stop and that made me very scared and a bit helpless, because no one had an answer.

I asked various friends, acquaintances, hairdressers, hairdressers, but there I got no answer. At least none that satisfied me. But I did not lose the courage to search. And one day I discovered on the Internet a reference to a possibility that one could be "tested" in a hairdressing salon in Thalwil. On the texture of the hair and the scalp, with a view to a hair treatment, which would then just bring the solution.

And that's what they did?
I registered, went there and there was Mr. Gianni Coria of the company Yelasai. He had a high magnification camera, with which one can look at the hair floor exactly. That is, I then saw on the screen next to it, how my scalp looks. He explained to me why my hair was not growing better, regrowing, and that there was still a lot of potential.

He really got to the bottom of it (scalp), so to speak?
Okay, and how did that go from there? What did he do then? I immediately signed up for his cure, and did a 1.5 year cure there in this hair salon with the products and the method of Yelasai.

And what was done during this treatment?
Can you describe it briefly? You go regularly, you get an oil pack with the special product of Yelasai, which nourishes, nourishes and rebuilds the hair base and for home you have other products that you use daily so that the process continues.

Also from the same product line?
Yes, from the same product line of Yelasai.

When you describe it like that, can't you just do it at home on your own?
Buy these products and then apply them? Probably you could, but I wouldn't recommend it because it also takes some discipline to stick with it for 1.5 years. This is very important and it is easier if you have a hair salon where you like to go, where you are cared for and carried through this time and also quasi motivated.

The hair also needs a certain amount of time to grow back.
And it's not a short affair either. Yes, but I felt it, for example, already after a few months. I felt how I got the "undercoat". It was WOW. There's more to it, more in it. It was just before winter, and I thought to myself: great, great.

So you say you really felt it too, and are you really happy with the result?
Absolutely. I went through the whole 1.5 years, continued to use such products for the care of the scalp, but already after 1.5 years the result was really not to compare with the hair I had before. So again totally full, strong hair and that's why I let it grow longer again. Because thin and short hair does not look so great.

In this context, I would also like to ask you, you have worked as a legal advisor in the program "Kassensturz" and there were also various remedies against hair loss put to the test. What is the situation like for you? I assume that this experience has made you personally very critical of such products.
Yes, in general I am very critical about what I do to my body, which products I take or use, and whether they contain what they say they do. Furthermore, I attach great importance to whether the company that sells it is a fair company, has fair business practices.

That's easy to understand, and in conclusion, do you perhaps have a tip for our viewers or for those affected, on what they should orient themselves in their search for a solution to the problems, i.e. this hair loss problem? Yes, I would definitely say healthy, natural products that work and above all have a lasting effect. Not that you are then dependent on a cure that may cost a lot and afterwards everything falls apart again. But with these products that I have used and the cure that I have done, everything really helps sustainably.

You can find the video on: https://www.yelasai.com/de/erfahrungenerfahrungen/erfahrungsvideos

COVID and hair loss

The hair growth specialists of YELASAI observe with their customers after a COVID SARS2 disease, in addition to fatigue, poor performance, persistent loss of taste and smell, also hair loss, sometimes in clumps.

An article by hair growth specialist Dr. med. Bernd Seitz - Read article

Life Goes On World of Wonders

Special care for the scalp makes hair grow again.

Success in the fight against hair loss: Gianni Coria, CEO of YELASAI GmbH, exclusively in an interview with Welt der Wunder.

More at: https://www.yelasai.com/de/erfahrungen-erfahrungen/welt-der-wunder

Everyone knows it today: Too much sugar makes sour and too much acid makes the Lymphe gelig and prevents a flow-free supply of nutrients to the cells and/or hair papillae.Was again a possibility for hair loss offers.Those who cannot do without their chocolate should simply put a bottle of bitter drops instead of the sweet temptation and whenever the desire for sugar arises, put a few bitter drops in the mouth. After a few weeks, you will experience that the chocolate may calmly stay in place even longer.

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The symbol of naturalness, respect and honesty.

The "Approved Nature" seal is awarded by the non-profit association Approved Nature for high-quality, nature-oriented cosmetics and special foods that follow the strict rules in the field of nature and ecological orientation.

The compliance with the high standards of the control seal is ensured by a consistent control of product and company. Consumers must be able to rely on the fact that they are purchasing a high-quality, close-to-nature product that is characterized by a high quality standard and is forward-looking in the area of closeness to nature and ecological orientation.

Raw materials and production The "Approved Nature" seal guarantees that for the production of the certified products.

  • as few as possible raw material changing processing steps are used
  • - as few as possible transport kilometers are used
  • whenever possible, preferential raw materials from the local area are used
  • no use is made of dyes, fragrances, silicones, kerosene and petroleum products that are currently considered problematic
  • if possible, the use of preservatives and preservation processes that are judged to be physiologically unproblematic Recycling
  • The certified products should be manufactured in an energy and environmentally friendly manner and with sustainable waste management including consistent waste separation.
  • The seal stands for environmentally compatible and fully recyclable packaging. Superfluous packaging or packaging parts are not accepted.

The seal stands for respect

  • It is important to treat all employees and those involved in production and distribution, such as suppliers, distributors, customers and consumers, with respect.
  • Respect also means honesty towards the customer. It means that a product is only advertised with claims that the product lives up to.
Jo Marty - President Approved Nature Andragoge, Right in picture

Dr. rer. nat. Ernst Miller
Head of the Certification Commission State Certified Food Chemist

Jo Marty
President Approved Nature Andragoge, Coach, Speaker for Naturopathic Procedures

Daily finger yoga

The Vedas like to recommend rubbing the fingernails together to additionally strengthen hair growth and regulate hair loss. Performing 5 minutes a day of finger yoga will additionally promote your relaxation.

Simply position your hands at about chest level, fingers pointing inward, and gently rub your fingernails against each other. Make sure to keep your thumbs upright. Perform finger yoga for 2-5 minutes daily.

Dear Reader

At this point I have compiled three of my favorite recipes for you and would be happy if one or the other also tastes good to you and finds its way onto your daily meal planning. I sincerely wish you much pleasure with the recipes and bon appétit!

Yours, Gabriela Coria



  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 green apple
  • 2 stalks of celery or
  • 3 handfuls spinach



  • 1 beet
  • 1 apple
  • 3-4 carrots


Juice everything and enjoy. Add ginger and/or lemon according to taste.


Makes 8 plaits


  • 1 kg spelt flour light
  • 1.5 tablespoons salt
  • 1 cube fresh yeast
  • 2 tsp coconut blossom sugar
  • 5 dl water

Mix flour and salt in a large bowl. Mix water, yeast and sugar in a container until yeast dissolves and then add the liquid to the bowl as well and knead everything into a soft dough. Cover bowl with a damp cloth and let stand at room temperature for 60 minutes.

Divide dough into 8 equal pieces and braid into 8 braids. Place braids on wire rack with baking paper.

Crust: Mix a pinch of salt with a little water and brush the braids with it using a kitchen brush.


25 minutes at 200 degrees convection or top/bottom heat.

Pre-bake and freeze



  • 80g quinoa

  • ½ tsp salt
  • 2.2 dl water
  • 1 small onion
  • 100g red kidney beans from the jar
  • 1 handful of fresh parsley
  • 1 tsp tomato paste
  • 1 tsp mustard
  • 1 tsp cornstarch
  • tofu or barbecue seasoning
  • 1 tbsp olive oil

PREPARATION: Rinse quinoa under water and cook uncovered in water and salt for 17 minutes until water evaporates, let cool. Drain beans but do not rinse with water and mash with a fork. Chop parsley and onions and mix everything well with the quinoa. The cooler the quinoa is and the more the mixture is blended, the better the mixture will hold. Stir in cornflour, season with tomato paste, mustard and seasoning, shape into 4 burgers and then fry in a frying pan with olive oil. Decorate burgers to your taste and enjoy.


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When cancer is diagnosed, hair loss is one of the most feared side effects and is often experienced as a catastrophe. We can understand this very well, because ONCOHAIRCARE was created from the perspective of those affected.

Hair growth specialists are an international network of hairdressers who competently accompany people with hair problems and hair loss of any kind. Hair growth specialists with the additional designation ONCOHAIRCARE have completed a special professional training, which includes professional accompaniment of cancer patients during and after their therapies.