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Capillary Gymnastic

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Promotes stimulation of the scalp

Promotes blood circulation

Also suitable for children

    Available immediately. At your home in 1-3 days.

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    Capillary Gymnastic - YELASAI

    Applicable also for:

    To stimulate the scalp, Incipient hair loss, Chemotherapy, Thin and fine hair, Inflammatory scalp, Oily hair.

    Hair types:

    Short hair
    Long hair

    Hair problems:

    Incipient hair loss, chemotherapy, thin and fine hair, greasy hair, receding hairline, hair loss due to medication, crown of hair or baldness.

    General information


    Capillary Gymnastic. Relaxing.Activating.
    Capillary Gymnastic is a new massage device. Unique is not only the relaxing feeling through this advanced technology on the entire scalp. Recent scientific studies prove that head massages have extraordinary positive effects on body and soul.

    Relaxation at the touch of a button
    Puristic, gentle, caring: characteristics that make Capillary Gymnastic stand out - additionally emphasized by its easy handling. The stimulating massager does not hold back in terms of ergonomics either, but nestles optimally against your head.

    Regeneration and activation - the Gabriel Chip expands the spectrum
    Capillary Gymnastic achieves regenerative effects on body and soul through gentle stimulation of the scalp. Due to the integration of Gabriel chips on the massager, activations in further frequency bands are stimulated. Measurements of the electrical activity of the brain during the scalp massage show the regeneration with simultaneous stimulation of the readiness to concentrate.

    Balanced blood circulation
    To promote relaxation and blood circulation in the scalp, it is best to start with an application time of 10 minutes, once or twice a day, with light to medium vibration. You will feel the massage effect immediately and after the first 14 days you can increase the time and intensity to the maximum of twice 30 minutes a day.

    Much relaxation makes much more possible
    Through the stimulating scalp massage, your hair base is actively supplied with blood, while the hair roots are supplied with more oxygen and nutrients. This allows the YELASAI Ayurveda care products, such as oils or tonic, to develop their nourishing effect even more optimally.


    Place the front suction cups on the forehead and pull the fastening strap behind the head. The tab at the back of the head allows you to comfortably adjust the fit of the device. By turning on the knob, the Capillary Gymnastic can then gently massage your scalp. When you finish your massage, turn the knob off and remove the Capillary massager. Afterwards you can stroke your scalp several times with your fingers and in this way create another loosening.

    Care and safety instructions

    Please also note our care and safety instructions so that you can enjoy your Capillary Gymnastic for a long time: The device contains a Li-Ion battery 7.4 volts. Charge the unit using the included USB cable to a standard A USB port and disconnect from the power source when fully charged. When charging begins, the LED will turn red. When green, the battery is fully charged and must be disconnected from the charging source. The charging time depends on the charging station used. Maximum power output of the device < 1 watt. Keep the device and cable away from hot surfaces. Keep the device away from children. Clean and disinfect the suction cups regularly with a damp cloth - keep the device separate from the power source while doing so. Caution: The device itself must not get wet! Do not open the device, otherwise its warranty will be voided. Do not drop the device. Do not leave the device unattended when it is switched on. The device is intended for adults, please keep away from children. Do not use if the cord, plug or case is damaged or if the device emits undefinable sounds or odors. Keep the cord away from hot surfaces. Do not use near eyes or other sensitive body areas. Do not use on swollen, open, or irritated skin. Do not use the device under a blanket or pillow to avoid overheating. If necessary, consult a physician before first use if symptoms are unclear. Persons with pacemakers should not use the device. Do not use under water.

    Success stories

    Some of our customers have decided to share their progress with us after using our products. We are delighted to see these impressive before and after pictures.

    Capillary Gym Produktbild

    For maximum massage effect, please observe the following recommendations for use:

    Start with an application time of 10 minutes, 1 to 2 times per day, with light to medium vibration. In the beginning, a slight feeling of dizziness after the application is possible and completely normal, this disappears after a short time.

    After the first 14 days you can increase the time and intensity up to a maximum of 2 times 30 minutes per day.

    After a few days you can start to tilt your head slowly during the application - back and forth, to the right and to the left. This way you can extend the nurturing massage to different areas and up to the neck.

    Sit upright on a chair or meditation cushion during each massage and enjoy! For even more well-being, you can additionally stroke the meridians under your collarbone on the left and right sides.

    After the vibration massage, glide your fingers over your head and loosen your scalp again.

    Capillary Gym Anwendung

    Capillary Gymnastic Handling

    The scalp massager is very easy to use.

    You place the two suction cups to about 5mm below your hairline on your forehead and pull the band over your head to the nape of your neck.

    Pull on the tab to tighten the elastic. You may need to turn it upside down at the buckle to make the massager hold even better.

    If you have long hair, it is recommended to slide the band under your hair. For the first applications, it is recommended to put it on in front of a mirror. Then press the rubber plug to your head so that the device nestles optimally against her head.

    frequently asked Questions


    The scalp massager is designed for young people and adults.


    The massager is also recommended for sensitive hair problems such as hair loss, diffuse hair loss, circular hair loss, balding, etc., as well as for stressed and tense scalp to promote hair growth.


    After a short acclimatization period of 14 days, the device can be used 1 to 2 times a day for 5-30 minutes. The suction cups that hold the device in position on the forehead will leave marks on the forehead. These marks disappear after a little more than 10 minutes. What can be different from person to person and depending on the duration of application.