FAQ- Frequently asked questions about the Hair Active Expert

Here we answer the questions which our customers ask to our Hair Active Experts and our support team.

Many people experiencing Chemotherpy and Radiotherapy treatments are fearful of hair loss. In our experience, we cannot completley prevent hair loss during such treatments. However, our care plans are succesful in ensuring that hair has the best base to grow back following treatments. 

Our services and collections help to care for the whole body. We have specifically designed Oncohaircare to support the skin, scalp and soul during and after chemotherapy treatments. Many of our clients see hair growth within months, and some some hair growth even whilst undergoing treatments. 

In an extensive study at a renowned German cancer clinic, we have been observing the sucess of our Oncohaircare process. Through this collaboration, we are gaining more and more recognition and legitimation for our holistic concept within chemotherapy patients.

We offer various services to those concerned:
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