FAQ- Frequently asked questions about the Hair Active Expert

Here we answer the questions which our customers ask to our Hair Active Experts and our support team.

On the Internet, critical voices about of the holistic YELASAI method. The subject of hair growth is controversially discussed and every manufacturer of cosmetic that deals with this topic is suspected first as a cheater. These contributions are usually not scientifically well researched. It's just a matter of placing an overall attack: All cosmetics with regard to hair growth are useless. These contributions are superficial and the truthful background is often not communicated. The holistic approach of the Hair Active Expert has nothing to do with a miracle cure or a panacea. It is rather a logical sequence, which considers many factors that lead to hair problems. Gianni Coria has founded the network of Hair Active Experts to provide education and real help and natural alternatives to hair growth to the people.

Behind every Hair Active Expert, there is a hairdressing salon with a team. The good reputation in the region is important to every individual hairdresser / coiffure and of utmost importance for its economic success, so the concept of the Hair Active Expert has been critically tested a hundred times by experts – a long time before the introduction in the salon.

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