FAQ- Frequently asked questions about the Hair Active Expert

Here we answer the questions which our customers ask to our Hair Active Experts and our support team.

The YELASAI "scalp and hair care" concept is based on a natural approach to get beautiful, vital hair or to stimulate the new hair growth. It is less about products, which stop immediately a symptom or a pill/capsule which can be quickly swallowed. As you know, this does not work in the end otherwise you would not be on this website and would look for solutions to grow your hair finally. The care concept of YELASAI is about to sensitize affected persons in the natural skin and hair care and to give them tools with which the goal - healthy, strong hair - is reached or recovered. Most of us have not learned to maintain the scalp properly in the biological sense. As a result, conversion processes are usually difficult in an adult age. But without your active cooperation the hair cannot return. That is why Gianni Coria has established a network of Hair Active Experts so that you can be accompanied on the new active way of scalp and hair care and the conversion can succeed.

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