Hair loss in Men

YELASI helps men across the world regain hair growth and fullness. But how do they do it? And, what actually works? In this guide we cover the main causes of Men’s hair loss, the most common conditions and give advice on how to encourage natural growth without the use of surgery or invasive medicines.

Hair loss in common.

It may ease your worries to learn that hair loss is one of the most common issues that effects men worldwide. This does not mean, however, that the symptoms of hair loss are any less impactful for men experiencing it. 

It is important to understand that natural hair growth can be encouraged and that simply ‘putting up’ with losing your hair, is a thing of the past.

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How likely is it that men will experience hair loss?

Around 35% of men aged 18-60 will experience a form of hair loss at some point in their life.

At aged 30-60, the likelihood increases to around 65%.

How do I know if I am experiencing hair loss?

The signs of male hair loss can be difficult to identify in the beginning stages. However, there are indicators. Many men experience gradual hair loss which can slowly recede the hairline at the forehead, or form a horseshoe pattern that exposes the crown of the head. 

If you are noticing clumps of hair coming away from your scalp when you sleep or wash your hair, then it may be an indication of a form of alopecia.

Generally, the quicker you can identify the signs of hair loss, the easier it is to encourage growth. Many men feel fearful of what the future holds for their hair and can sometimes wait until the signs are significant. 

What causes male hair loss?

According to Ayurveda, hair loss is the result of an imbalance in the body. When our inner workings are shifted, natural cycles are disrupted which can impact and alter hair growth and bodily functions. 

Unlike popular medicine, Ayurveda cares for hair loss through a natural and holistic approach. We focus not just on the symptoms of hair loss, but also on the root causes of such symptoms. 

Common causes of imblance:

  • Puberty and aging 

  • Inappropriate hair care and washing

  • Tension in the neck and head

  • Stress and lack of sleep

  • Lack of nutrition or rapid weight loss

  • Underlying medical conditions

  • Genetics

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Hair loss concerns and how to care for them naturally

Hereditary hair loss – Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic Alopecia is a gradual, progressive form of alopecia. It can often begin in early twenties or thirties and causes loss of hair on the crown and at the temples. The condition is often be referred to as ‘male-pattern baldness’, as the hair fades in an ‘M’ pattern, receding at the temples, scalp and back of head. 

This type of gradual hair loss can also begin during teenage years. Hormonal changes that occur in male puberty, cause an increase in the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As DHT increases, other chemicals that are responsible for fuelling growth in the scalp are prevented from functioning at full capacity and are unable to reach the top of the head. Although Hereditary hair loss is something that can be passed down through genetics, it is a common misconception that it cannot be prevented or escaped. 

Is there a cure?

Here at YELASAI, we advertise no ‘miracle cures' for hair loss. What we do promise is products packed full of nutrition and hair fuelling ingredients. Products that help to build sustainable hair cycles and promote growth through genetic challenges.

We have helped men around the world overcome hereditary hair challenges. The sooner you begin to combat the signs of hair loss, the better your chances are of encouraging growth and fullness. 

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Holistic care for the first signs of hair loss - Short Hair
Natural hair loss products for hereditary hair loss and gradual hair loss
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Holistic care for the first signs of hair loss - Long Hair
Natural hair loss products for hereditary hair loss and gradual hair loss

Circular Hair loss – Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata can occur within a short amount of time. Its symptoms appear as bald patches or ‘circular spots’ across the scalp and beard. Hence the name, Circular hair loss.

The definite causes of Alopecia Areata are unknown, but medical research and doctors believe that it is caused by the immune system attacking hair follicles. Factors such as medications, stress, nutrition, sleep deprivation and traumatic events can trigger Alopecia Areata and worsen its symptoms.

As an imbalance occurs, hair follicles are inappropriately targeted, and the natural cycle of hair loss is disrupted causing hair to thin and fall out. Circular hair loss occurs suddenly, as opposed to thinning that is present over many years. Stress can push roots into their ‘resting’ phase and cause hair to temporarily stop growing.

Caring for Circular hair loss:

The imbalances that cause inflammation to the hair follicles under the skin can be restored with time and care. If you are experiencing alopecia, we recommend seeking the support of a professional consultant. Our Hair Active Experts offer a discreet and informative service to help men accurately diagnose their symptoms and navigate a support plan. Book a consultation now

YELASAI’s Alopecia care range is designed to help men and women encourage natural growth and boost the bodies ability to restore itself. We use the best ingredients nature has to offer in our hair loss shampoos and products to help men restore growth to beards and scalps.

If you are experiencing circular hair loss because of taking medication, then we recommend the addition of BalanceBact a supplement packed with 5 types of lactic acid to restore gut function.

Products from hair loss collection
Alopecia Care: Support for circular and total hair loss - Short Hair
Natural hair loss products for alopecia areata
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Alopecia Care: Support for circular and total hair loss (caused by taking medication)
Natural hair loss products for medication related circular and total hair loss

Total Hair Loss - Alopecia Totalis

Alopecia Totalis is known as ‘Total hair loss’ as it causes complete baldness of the scalp. It can occur rapidly, within a matter of days or weeks. Total hair loss can also occur as the circular hair loss patches caused by circular hair loss, join to form larger bald patches. We recommend seeking the support of a professional to fully analyse the condition. You can also care for the condition at home using the Alopecia care range listed in ‘Circular hair loss’.

Alopecia Universalis - Unlike other forms of Alopecia, is characterised by complete hair loss on head and body. Our products can help encourage growth at home, but we also recommend seeking the guidance of a hair loss expert.

Advice on promoting hair longevity for men

  • Use hair products specifically designed to promote and sustain growth

  • Use suitable products as early as possible - Swap teenage hair care for natural and growth stimulating alternatives

  • Brush the scalp daily with a boar brush or wooden brush to distribute sebum

  • Introduce vitamins and minerals into your diet

  • Avoid synthetics and chemicals that cause further imbalance

Our professional hair loss consultants

Our experts are highly-skilled in identifying different hair concerns and help men grow hair through natural methods. An expert can help to thoroughly diagnose ayour concerns and can provide a support plan that is tailored to you.

We approach hair loss as a sensitive issue and only use natural, mineral-rich hair loss products to enhance the scalp and immune system. We also use a scalp camera to take a closer look at your roots and use stimulating massage to further encourage growth. 

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Find the certified Hair Active Expert in your area who will provide you with competent advice and support.