Hair loss in men – help and support

Do you suffer from:

  • Hereditary hair loss or baldness? (Androgenic Alopecia)

  • Circular hair loss? (Alopecia Areata)

  • Total hair loss? (Alopecia Universalis)

Hair loss is the number 1 problem for men

Receding hairline due to hair loss in men is often noticeable at the front and back of the head. It is more obvious in men which sometimes a little difficult for some to manage resorting to finding hair care treatments and use of different kinds of methods to manage changes. Men should start to seek help and support on the onset of hair loss.

The earlier the hair problem is detected, the better it is for our Hair Active Experts to find the best solution and treatment.


Hair loss in men - you can read the causes at YELASAI

Hereditary hair loss maybe a factor for hair loss in men – but there is always a solution to treat it

Considering that one third of men ages between 18 to 60 are suffering from hair loss. And it has increased up to two-thirds in the past years. It was concluded based on this increase that hair loss is considered "normal" in the western countries. 

Causes of hair loss in men

Generally, hair loss starts gradually. When there is excessive sebum production, dandruff accompanied by flaking of the scalp with mild itchiness occurs. Although dandruff does not cause hair loss, trauma due to scratching can cause inflammation of the hair follicles which contributes to scarring and diminished hair growth. 

Additional risk factors includes daily washing of hair, oily scalp, dandruff or tensions in the neck and head region.

YELASAI helps with hair loss in men

With this condition, the scalp loses its balance and is not able to properly absorb nutrients. Receding hairline and thinning becomes evident and it is often noticeable at the back of the head. 

A consultation with one of our Certified Hair Active Expert can help identify immediate needs and appropriate actions in helping to resolve hair loss in men. With our unique and natural approach to specific hair problems in men and alternative solutions to hair transplant is what our experts are commited to.  

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The most common hair problems in men:

Hereditary hair loss or baldness (Alopecia Androgenetica) in men

It is known that hereditary is one of the basis in studies of hair loss problems in men. If the condition runs in the family, it is best to consider the age of occurance and duration. This way, a better approach would be done and necessary practice can be advised. 

DHT and Male Hair Loss

Another factor is hormonal changes which starts in puberty. This is when men undergo changes in their bodily functions. The increase in secretion of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) causes hair follicles to miniaturize, and this contributes to male pattern hair loss. 

It is widely known that “hereditary hair loss” is something that you cannot escape. While it may have been explained through scientific research, there is always a solution we can turn in to

There are ways to maintain healthy hair roots regardless if this is a  "genetic flaw" that runs in the family. Good diet and exercise, lifestyle modification, and proper hair care can help. 

With our holistic and natural approach accompanied by a scalp massage with the use of our products, which are formulated and developed to cater specific needs can do wonders. 

If you happen to be looking for a solution, you have come to the right place. Ask one of our Hair Active Experts near you for appointment and consultation.


Circular Hair Loss (Alopecia Areata) in men

Circular hair loss in its most common form, causes small round or oval patches of baldness on the scalp. Areas affected can be on the head and facial areas (beard patches). The bald skin appears smooth and normal. In most cases there are no other scalp symptoms. When this happens, some men will make use of hair styles that would cover the bald areas. What makes it difficult for some to manage is the presence of mild itchiness, tingling and burning sensation which would make one seek medical attention. 

Stress, poor nutrition, underlying diseases and mental pressure can cause hair loss.

Stress and hair loss are commonly related. Stress pushes large number of hair roots to resting place. This happens when someone is suffering from Telogen Effluvium. It also happens when someone voluntarily pulls their hair due to stress which can cause Trichotillomania. For severe stress, Alopecia Aerata happens when the immune system attacks the hair follicles. 

If you find yourself experiencing these types of hair loss problems, you may consult one of our Hair Active Experts for examination, consultation and advice.

Total hair loss (Alopecia Universalis) in men

Alopecia universalis (AU) is a condition characterized by the complete loss of hair on the scalp and body. It is an advanced form of Alopecia Areata, a condition that causes round patches of hair loss.

There are many different aggreviating situations that causes total hair loss. It can range from an exsiting medical condition, disease and ingesting poisonous chemicals

For situations related to the onset of hair loss problems due to the factors related to an underlying medical condition, disease and accidental ingestion of chemicals, it is recommended to immediately visit a medical doctor. You may also talk to one of our Hair Active Experts for consultation and advice for natural hair treatment for hair loss related problems.