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Natural alternatives to Hair Transplants

Non-surgical and non-invasive alternatives to hair transplants

Hair transplants are one of the most common procedures for hair loss across the globe. 

The surgical procedure removes hair follicles from an area of the body where the hair is thicker and relocates them to an area where the hair is sparse. Hair transplants can be an effective way to treat hair loss, and many patients see hair begin to grow after around 12 months.

As popular as hair transplants have become, the technique does not come without its cons. Unless the primary cause of hair loss has been addressed, hair can continue to thin in different areas or growth can be halted or unsuccessful following the treatment. At YELASAI, we focus on the root causes of hair loss and help hair regain regular growth cycles through a combination of natural products and services. 

It is a myth to believe that the only 'cure' for hair loss is a surgical procedure. Our concept helps clients to grow hair without the need for hair transplants and helps hair transplant patients grow thicker hair following disappointing results. 

We help clients to overcome alopecia, long-term baldness, hereditary hair loss and pattern hair loss, without the use of invasive medicines or painful procedures. 

Our Alternatives to hair transplants

Professional hair care with Hair Active Expert

We have an international network of hair loss experts available for professional hair loss consultations. 

Our experts are equipped to cater for a wide variety of hair loss concerns and are successful in encouraging natural hair growth. During a consultation, our experts use the time to gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of your air concerns, and may use our scalp camera to gain a further understanding of the state of your follicles and scalp.

We do not approach hair loss by simply offering a medical procedure. We approach hair loss from a holistic perspective and use tried-and-tested methods to help the body grow hair again. Rather than moving hair from one place to another, we use high-quality herbs and stimulating massage to fuel the body with the nutrients and encouragement it needs to regain a long-term hair growth cycle. 

Our methods are sucessful, because we see hair loss as a well-rounded concern that is influenced by imblances in the body. As we work to restore internal balance through nutritional supplements and specially designed hair growth oils and shampoos, the hair begins to regain a cycle and is provided with the ideal grounds for growth.

Book a consultation with an expert to discover more about our natural alternatives. 

Client Experience

Hair growth can be seen in previously bare areas after just 5 months of care with Hair Active Expert.

Find the certified Hair Active Expert in your area who will provide you with competent advice and support.
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Natural hair loss products

As with regular hair, transplanted hair can thin over time. In some cases, clients are told that in order to maintain hair, another transplant surgery is required.

Our expertly designed hair loss products fuel the scalp and roots with essential ingredients to keep the hair cycle stable and strong. We create shampoos and hair loss oils that help to restore balance in the scalp to promote long-term growth and hair longevity.

By using high-quality ingredients from nature, our products can harmonise sebum production, care for inflammation, and regulate natural growth cycles.

We use natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and scalp to help promote hair growth. Our formulas complement the structure of the skin, to seep into it's deepest layers and nourish roots. Our products are free from synthetic fragrances and chemicals, as we aim to harmonise the scalp rather than influence further imbalance.