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Natural alternatives to Hair Transplants

Non-surgical and non-invasive alternatives to hair transplants

Hair transplants are one of the most common procedures for hair loss across the globe. The surgical procedure removes hair follicles from an area of the body where the hair is thicker and relocates it to where the hair is sparse to re-grow. Hair transplants can be an effective way to treat hair loss, and many patients see hair begin to grow after around 12 months.

However, as popular as hair transplants have become, the technique does not come without its cons. Unless the primary cause of hair loss is addressed, hair growth can be limited, and thinning can appear in other areas.
At YELASAI, we focus on the root causes of hair loss rather than solely treating symptoms. Our methods and products promote sustainable hair growth and vitality. We help clients overcome alopecia, long-term baldness, hereditary hair loss and pattern hair loss without the use of invasive medicines or painful procedures.

YELASAI hair loss consultants

We have an international network of over 300 hair loss experts to support clients with a variety of concerns.

We approach hair loss from a holistic perspective and use tried-and-tested methods to help the body grow hair again. Our products contain growth-activating oils and extracts that stimulate follicles and support hair growth cycles.

Our methods are successful because we see hair loss as a well-rounded concern. Inspired by Ayurveda, we work to restore balance in the scalp and body. Our nutritional supplements and specially designed hair growth oils and shampoos promote the ideal environment for hair to flourish.

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Client Experience

Hair growth progress after 5 months of YELASAI expert care.

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Natural hair loss products

Our natural hair loss products fuel the scalp and roots with growth-activating ingredients. We create shampoos and hair loss oils that restore balance in the scalp and promote long-term hair growth and hair vitality.

By using high-quality ingredients our products help to harmonise sebum production, care for inflammation, and encourage sustainable hair growth cycles.

YELASAI care is free from synthetic fragrances and chemicals. Our products are designed to balance and fuel the scalp, rather than influence further imbalances.