Hair Vitalization – Discover the natural beauty of your hair

Are you the kind of person who loves to have full, shiny and vital hair? Does blow drying and styling your hair take too much of your time? The solution is now finally here!

The solution is Hair Vitalization!

Hair Vitalization is an advanced hair cutting technique in which the hair is balanced through a special sequence of cutting angles and thus leaving your hair with the light-weight feeling and dynamically manageable. This style allows your hair to follow through your movements, ability to shape itself and styling is more easier to manage. 


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Show your hair's natural beauty

While it may sound to be good to be true, we have conducted many studies and found out that even you, who once suffered from long term hair loss, can achieve full, vital and healthy hair.

The cutting technique we use has its origins in the 70s and has been used for decades by many people and have successfully achieved healthy and manageable hair. We have applied the technique and refined it in combination with Ayurveda products. We continuously develop and enhance our techniques to keep up with the current trends and latest hairstyle needs.

Find the certified Hair Active Expert in your area who will provide you with competent advice and support.

Advantages of the Hair Vitalization:

  • Hair volume and shape style enhancement

  • Manageable cowlicks

  • Perfect hair shape – without much styling
  • Soft, silky and shiny hair
  • Boost self-confidence

  • Relaxes hair from root to tips

  • More than “just” a good haircut

With hair revitalization, you can enjoy your hairstyle for longer periods of time without the need to often undergo hairdressing and hair treatments such as hair sprays and lacquers. For more details and information regarding our hair revitalization service, you may ask one of our Hair Active Experts near you. 

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