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Hair growth to long-term baldness – 6 month progress

Encouraging hair growth back to balding areas

Hair Active Expert, Alexandra Range, has been helping our client encourage natural hair growth in areas that have been bald for many years.

After 6 months of natural care, hair is beginning to grow in areas that were previously receding and fading. With long-term baldness and receding hairlines, it can be tempting to consider hair transplants or surgeries. YELASAI offer natural alternatives to hair transplants by nurturing the scalp and encouraging balanced hair growth cycles.

If the scalp is not restored, hair that is transplanted can thin again. Our experts help to care for the scalp to encourage regular, sustainable hair growth without the use of medication, surgeries or harmful chemicals. 

Thank you for sharing these photos. The client is continuing with the Care of Alexandra and is pleased to see hair growth in balding areas.

Naturfriseur Alexandra – YELASAI Hair Active Expert in Rockenberg 

6 month progress with YELASAI natural care
6 month progress of hair growth in bald areas

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