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Promoting hair growth after unsuccessful hair transplant

With the support of their Hair Active Expert, our client is finally pleased with their hair growth progress. 

This client had previously undergone a hair transplant surgery in two parts, one surgery in 2015 and one in 2016. Unfortunately, the transplant did not satisfy the client and she felt that her hair was still thin years later.

In 2019, the client was looking for a non-surgical alternative and met with her Hair Active Expert once a week for active scalp care. The client also continued caring for her hair at home with YELASAI products.

After less than 1 year, the client is very pleased with her progress. New hair is growing on the neck and more hair is growing on the crown. Already, the client feels like she doesn’t need to wear her hairpiece all the time.

She is continuing with YELASAI home care and consultations to further promote growth and fullness.

Thank you for sharing this experience.


Client hair growth progress after 9 months of natural care
Progress photo of client hair growth after 9 months of natural care

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