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Restoring dry hair and split ends

Before YELASAI care, customer was unhappy with her dry and split ends. After 6 months of Active Care she is finally happy with her hair again.

“I came to Mrs. Weishaupt with very dry, frizzy and dull-looking hair. After half a year with YELASAI treatment my not only feels completely different, but looks visably more beautiful.

My hair felt much healthier after my first treatment and has continued to recover from dryness and frizziness. For the first time in many years, I have regained healthy looking natural curls and I am more than satisfied with the results.

Thank you for sharing your feedback and photos with us.

I understand now that the way to tackle my hair problems is by properly caring for my roots and YELASAI’s products are unlike any I have used before. I feel like I have acheived healthier hair on a long-term basis. Thank you so much!”

6 month progress
dry hair improvement progress

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