Hair and Scalp Analysis with the use of Hair and Scalp Camera

Our Hair Active Experts are highly trained in Hair and Scalp care analysis.

Hair Active Expert conducts hair and scalp inspection with the use of 50-fold and 200-fold magnification microscopy for hair and scalp analysis and diagnosis. 40 images of your scalp will be taken for reference and detection of your hair and scalp health. 

Through a thorough analysis shown in the Hair and Scalp camera, you will be able see:

  • The health status of your hair roots [nourishment]
  • Hair Growth phase [3 Stages of Hair Growth as basis of analysis]
  • Excess oil and greasy hair
  • The presence of dead hair 
  • Growth and thickness of hair
  • Presence of scalp buildup and clogged hair follicles
  • and many more . . .
Gianni Coria make scalp analysis with the scalp camera
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The Hair and Scalp analysis will help you understand your current hair and scalp condition and to find the appropriate scalp and hair care solutions

Our Hair Active Expert can assist you in finding the proper and the best hair care solutions and treatments suitable to your hair care needs.

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