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Scalp Brushing

The benefits of scalp brushing including a routine to try at home

What is scalp brushing?

Scalp brushing is the act of brushing the hair and scalp to stimulate blood flow, cleanse the scalp, and untangle hair. Scalp brushing is a natural way to optimse hair and scalp care and promote longevity. 

In the modern world, products that we use on our hair and scalp can cause further blockages on the scalp and halt the skins natural regeneration process. A build-up of products can block pores and prevent the hair from receiving its own essential resources. 

By actively brushing the scalp, you can help to remove the build-up of products as wells as the dead skin cells caused from natural shedding. 

Brushing the scalp regularly also helps to stimulate the capillaries in the Dermis, causing an increase of blood circulation. An increase of blood means an increase of nutrients reaching the folicules, promoting natural hair growth and thickness.


Benefits include:

  • Boosting blood flow to the scalp

  • Clearing dead skin cells and dandruff

  • Unblocking pores to make room for hair to flourish

  • Removing product residue

  • Distribute natural moisturisers across hair and scalp  

  • Hydrating dry ends

  • Promoting hair growth and vitality 

The structure of the scalp 

To explain the reasons why scalp brushing is so effective, we think it’s important to describe what is happening on our scalps. 

The top layer of skin, the Epidermis, is made up of multiple layers. These layers constantly renew and shed themselves, pushing new skin cells up towards the surface. When Epidermis pores are blocked, the skin is unable to shed its dead cells, which can cause residue to build up on the scalp. Residue can create dandruff, irritation, and prevent hair from flourishing. 

Below the Epidermis lies the Dermis. The Dermis is home to capillaries that carry blood and nutrients to the layers of skin above it. When these capillaries are stimulated, blood flow is encouraged which can increase the number of nutrients reaching the scalp.

The dermis also contains Sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands are small sac-like glands that produce a fatty substance called Sebum, which acts as our skins own natural moisturiser. Scalp brushing ensures that sebum is distributed evenly across the scalp to supply the hair and scalp with moitsure and prevent excess oils. 

Scalp brushing routine

Now you know why scalp brushing has such a positive effect on the scalp, it is time to put your knowledge into practise. Contrary to some belief, correct scalp brushing does not accelerate hair loss, but actually encourages hair to grow and remain full. 

To maximise the impact of scalp brushing, we recommend following our guide once a day. Our routine takes 3 minutes and is designed to be maintainable in busy modern-day life.


Brushing technique

It is important to brush with enough gentle pressure to the feel the bristles on the scalp and stimulate blood flow below the surface, but not so much pressure that the process causes pain or irritation to the area. 

Dandruff, excess oil, and products can build up overnight. So, we advise that if you can only fit the routine in once, then complete it in the morning. Ultimately, morning brushing is recommended for optimal timing, but any time of day is suitable to experience benefits. 


Brush 30 seconds from the left temple to the right tip of the ear

Step 1: Brush from the neck to the forehead for 1 minute

Kopfhautbürsten: 1 Minute von der Stirn zum Nacken bürsten

Step 2: Brush from the left temple to the right earlobe for 30 seconds

Brush 30 seconds from the right temple to the left tip of the ear

Step 3: Brush from the right temple to the left earlobe for 30 seconds

Brush 1 minute from the forehead to the neck

Step 4: Brush from the forehead to the neck for 1 minute

Our best brushes for scalp brushing

To get most out of the process, we recommend specifically designed brushes. The following brushes are designed to optimise your scalp brushing routine and encourage optimal hair and scalp maintenance.


Wild Boar Brush

Boar hair is well known in the industry as the ultimate scalp brush companion. Its natural bristles absorb sebum from the scalp and distribute it from roots to ends, effortlessly.

YELASAI’s Wild Boar brush is designed ergonomically, to minimise physical effort and maximise scalp care efficiency. Made from High-quality, antistatic Wild Boar Bristles and a maple wood pattern that is unique to every brush, it is designed to make your experience as indulgent as possible. 

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Wooden Pin Brush

Wooden pinned brushes can be used on all hair types, to gently stimulate the scalp without damaging it. The thicker bristles of wooden brushes are known to be gentler, and more soothing that plastic alternatives.

Our Wooden Pinned brush is made from sustainable FSC-certified ash wood and offers an antistatic effect of the highest quality.  

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Wooden Hair Comb

To gently massage the scalp, we recommend using a wooden comb as apposed to a plastic one. YELASAI’s wooden hair comb is an efficient 20cm long comb built with a variety of thick, medium, and narrow teeth.

We use sustainable FSC-approved ash wood, designed to provide natural antistatic care for all hair types.

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Natural and gentle hair and scalp care

At YELASAI, we believe in caring for hair with the best possible ingredient’s nature has to offer. All our products are made with mineral-rich, natural ingredients that help to provide the hair and scalp with the nutrients it needs to continue to shine and regenerate itself.

Silicones, chemicals, and cheap product fillers can damage PH levels on the scalp and can cause more long-time damage than intended. To properly care for your hair, use products that are specifically designed with the scalp in mind, and reduce your hair washing to 1-3 times a week.

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