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Hair growth and scalp care – Client report

Update from client after 2 weeks of YELASAI care

“2 years ago, I started to notice that I was losing my hair. I went to the family doctor and they took a blood sample. The results were all ok, no signs of Thyroid issues etc. They had no answers for my hair loss.
In 2017, I visited a dermatologist and had a hair root test. The results came back ok and I was upset to find that they also had no answers to my hair loss concerns.

In June 2018, I visited a dermatologist again because my hair loss had got worse. My hair was thinning and I had noticed a bald spot above my ear. Still, the results came back fine but, to try and stop the hair loss, I began having Cortisone injections into the bald spot every two weeks until September.

There was no improvement from the injections. Unfortunately, the bald spots increased in size and my husband found another bald spot emerging at the back of my head.

At this stage, I washed y hair on a Monday and my hair was ok, but I had a lot of dandruff and my scalp was itchy. I had to wash my hair on Wednesday at the latest because the scalp became too itchy and I had lots of dandruff in my hair.

I wanted to try something different, so I visited Hair Active Expert, Beate Rosenbaum. Beate recommended that I use YELASAI Active Shampoo and brush my scalp every day. After 14 days, I wash my hair twice a week and brush my hair in all directions. My hair is still greasy when I come to wash it – but I have almost no dandruff and zero itching! I am happy with that alone after 2 weeks!”

Hair growth progress after 12 weeks with YELASAI active care
12 week progress of hair growth in bald areas

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