Welt der Wunder article about Oncohaircare and the YELASAI products

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In collaboration with oncohaircare specialists Karin El Benna, Ute Widmann, Fabienne Walder, who trains the oncohaircare specialists, and Welt der Wunder, we have produced a very interesting article on the subject of oncohaircare and the right hair and scalp care with YELASAI products to give you a valuable insight into this area.

We would like to support all chemo patients during this intensive time, with the help of the Oncohaircare specialists and our YELASAI products, in rapid hair growth and thus a better attitude to life.

The knowledge of hair growth specialists includes:

Find out in the report what effects scalp massages and Ayurvedic-inspired care products can have. Gianni Coria didn't just put them together. The nourishing recipes are based on the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and are combined with Western experience and the most modern achievements in natural skin care.

With this knowledge, hair growth specialists promote hair growth for their customers with the aim of regaining a full head of hair. The main aim is to identify the causes on the scalp and to use natural nourishing raw materials to relieve the scalp and support vital hair growth.

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