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Have you ever heard of a hair growth serum that strengthens thinning hair and stimulates more growth? YELASAI has the answer with its natural hair growth serums. The combination of herbs and oils stimulate blood circulation and work directly on the hair roots. Give your hair the love it deserves! 

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5 products

How a hair growth serum can also be used for hair loss

Hair loss can have various causes, including genetics, hormonal changes, stress or lack of nutrients. A good serum against hair loss ensures that the hair follicles are strengthened in the growth phase and the blood circulation in the scalp is improved, which leads to a better supply of vitamins and minerals to the hair roots. Serums can also have an anti-inflammatory and invigorating effect, which can promote hair growth. When used regularly, a hair growth serum can help strengthen damaged hair, give dry hair more shine, reduce hair loss and promote new hair growth.

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What makes YELASAI different

At YELASAI we specialize in natural hair care products. Our hair growth serums are designed for people with sensitive issues who also suffer from pathological or hereditary hair loss and would like to stimulate their hair growth through active scalp care. To achieve this, we only use natural and carefully selected ingredients, which are supplemented with natural fermented herbs. We consciously avoid using synthetic dyes, fragrances, flavors and preservatives in order not to harm the skin and hair. Our products also do not contain petroleum products such as paraffin and mineral oil, parabens, silicones, PEG, hormones and microplastics. Our YELASAI products are manufactured exclusively for you in Switzerland under high standards. We draw our knowledge from Ayurvedic teachings.

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YELASAI hair growth serums

For healthy hair care, we recommend using our dailyHair Active SprayandHair Active Tonic. The spray moisturizes the hair and scalp and makes the hair strong, while the tonic reactivates the hair cells and ensures fuller and thicker hair. The combination of both products can improve hair density, promote hair growth, reduce hair loss and normalize sebum production. Regular care of the scalp promotes shiny, smooth and vital hair and can improve regrowth. We have this for an even more intensive care treatmentIntense Scalp Gel developed that is especially suitable for the care of bald scalps such as alopecia areata and universalis, but also for baldness. The gel supplies the hair roots with vitamins and minerals continuously and over the long term. The activating herbal mixture is also suitable for the care of bald heads or damaged hair and hair lossScalp Active Herbs. The product contains nourishing nutrients that help soothe the scalp, promote hair growth and strengthen hair. For use you can use the herbal mixture with ourScalp Active Massage OilMix and massage onto the bald scalp. To achieve optimal results, we advise you to also use our anti-hair loss shampoo.


Is a hair serum only suitable for thin hair?

No, a hair serum is suitable for every hair structure. A serum can be used for growth but also to strengthen the roots.

How long does it take to see results with a hair growth serum?

Results may vary depending on individual hair type and other factors. However, it usually takes a few weeks to several months before the first improvements become visible. It requires patience and regular use.

Are hair growth serums a replacement for conditioners?

A hair growth or hair loss serum and a conditioner have different functions. The function of a serum is to promote hair growth while a conditioner nourishes and softens the hair.

How to use a hair growth serum?

The exact use of hair growth serums can vary depending on the product. Typically, you need to apply the hair growth serum directly to the scalp and then massage in gently. This stimulates hair growth and strengthens the hair root.