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    Naturally promote hair growth

    Highly trained and Certified Hair Active Experts will provide you professional advice for your specific hair problem and will help you restore and achieve vitality, fullness and strength of your hair.

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    Gianni Coria

    We are commited to achieving excellence-inspired service to help restore healthy hair and for our clients to gain self-confidence.


  • Today I have a good feeling again whit YELASAI
    Achieving fullness and strength of my hair made me feel good about myself

    Thanks to my Hair Active Expert. Having a great hair all day helped me gain my self-worth and self-confidence. 

  • Strengthen your hair by natural activation of your own hair roots
    Professional Scalp Massage can help strengthen hair roots and facilitate in natural hair growth

    Certified Hair Active Experts are professionally trained to provide specific scalp massage services in order to better cater your specific hair growth needs.  

The Solution for all of your hair problems is finally here!

Holistically and Naturally 

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Have you noticed that your hair becomes dull and lifeless due to hair thinning and hair fall?

Hair thinning and hair loss are very frustrating hair conditions which affects one's self confidence. There are a lot of factors affecting it and you might have thought of looking for effective hair care products that would help in easing hair loss. But often times, when one does self medication, there might little to no effect at all leading to more frustration and less success. 

This problem led me to research and develop a hair activating concept with the use of hair care products that can help stabilize and promote hair growth in a natural way.

I established international network of Hair Active Experts who are highly skilled and are trained to recognize different kinds of hair problems with specific hair problem focus and expertise. You can find Hair Active Experts in your area for your personal advice and support.

I wish you much joy with my full commitment to my holistic concept to better aid many with their specific hair care needs.


Gianni Coria

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Natural approach to hair loss, use of holistic products, analysis and consultation.

Learn more about YESALSAI

Gianni Coria introduces the network of YELASAI Hair Active Experts.

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Expert advice to achieve hair fullness and hair vitality

Our proven and holistic concept consists of Ayurvedic-inspired hair care cosmetics made for external application and nutritional supplements for oral medication. The use of gentle stimulation of the Meridian and Acupressure points on the scalp (scalp massage). It has proven effective  for hair problems that have persisted over a decade. We offer you a natural and sustainable hair and scalp care solutions.

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Due to natural active care of the scalp through proper and consistent cleaning and vitalisation, we provide together the best basis for strong and vital hair growth. Feel with your Hair Active Expert in good hands with any kind of hair problem.
Whether it is the discrete and personal advice, the relaxing scalp massage, the beneficial products applications or the professional analysis with the micro scalp camera: Your Hair Active Expert is there for you and will accompany you on your way to full and vital hair.

Our Hair Care Products for full and vital hair

With the use of our natural care of the scalp, we provide proper and thorough intructions for cleansing and nourishment. We have created the optimal basis for strong and vital hair growth. Discover our range of Ayurveda shampoos and conditioners, hair sprays, hair tonics, masks, for hair scrubs, and hair oils for your hair and scalp needs. 

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What you can expect from YELASAI products

  • Natural and carefully selected ingredients, supplemented with natural fermented herbs
  • No synthetic fragrances, colorants and preservatives
  • No petroleum products like paraffin and mineral oil, parabens, silicones and PEG
  • No hormones or nanoparticles
  • Made in Switzerland

Coordinated to hair problems like hair loss, balding, greasy or dry scalp, dandruff and other we have selected efficient haircare sets for you.

I am a woman and I suffer from hair loss

Find support and assistance for hair thinning, hair loss, severe dandruff, circular hair loss and other hair problems of women.

Stop hair loss in men

Causes of hair loss in men. Sustainable and efficient solution for hair problems in men such as receding hairline, severe hair loss, chaplets, bald spots and post hair transplants.

My child is affected by hair loss

Reasons and medical explanations as to why your child is suffering from hair loss. Natural solutions and gentle support for children suffering from severe hair loss. 

Hair and scalp care on chemotherapy

Severe hair loss is one of the side effects of chemotherapy. If you are one of the people who are receiving chemotherapy, we can provide you assistance regarding your hair care needs. 

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    Care and Wellness

    Naturally beautiful with
    YELASAI products.
    Unique care from the realm of nature


    Discover our natural hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner, tonic, mask, scrub, oils and many others for hair and scalp care made in Switzerland.

    YELASAI Cosmetics

    Ayurveda Lash Active Tonic and Ayurveda Body Active Neem Oil contains naturally fermented herbs.

    YELASAI Pure

    Exquisite food supplements - CORIALITH, Moringa and BalanceBact to maintain vital hair, good skin and healthy nails.

    Our Online Shop

    Enjoy exploring our online shop and find suitable products for your hair and health care needs. We offer delivery services. You can have your purchases delivered at your doorstep.

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