Hair care during chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Our experts care for your hair during and after treatments with natural products and services.

Pioneering hair care

We are working in collaboration with a German Cancer Centre to further our understanding of hair loss caused by oncologic therapies. Our natural hair loss services have been supporting clients undergoing cancer treatments for many years, and we are extending our research to offer the best possible hair care programs.

Our Hair Active experts support clients who have been told that they have a 100% chance of expected hair loss. Through stimulating scalp massage, herbal rich tonics and natural shampoos, we fuel the scalp with nutrients to improve the chances of maintaining hair and encouraging growth after treatments.

As we continue to care for hair affected by Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, we are documenting and observing clients' progress with the team at the German Cancer Centre. We are proud to have supported many cancer patients with hair care and are committed to continuing our research into natural solutions.


Who can we support?

Those expecting Chemotherapy 

We recommend visiting your local Hair Active Expert 2-3 weeks before your first therapy treatment. This way, your expert can analyse the scalp and hair before treatment, and begin to fuel it with nutrients and vitamins. 

Your expert may use a combination of Ayurveda Scalp massage and Hair activating natural products in your initial consultation. Our experts are here to listen to your hair concerns and build you with confidence about re-growing hair during and after your upcoming treatment. 

Those experiencing hair loss as a result of Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy

If you are experiencing hair loss as a result of Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy, then our experts are here to help. We train our experts in a variety of natural hair growth methods and can advise and support you with hair regrowth and maintenance during your treatment. 

Those experiencing poor or slow hair growth as a result of Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy

Our hair loss experts are here to help fuel your scalp with the nutrients it needs to regain a sustainable hair cycle following treatments. Using natural and gentle methods, we promote hair growth and help clients regrow hair that had previously stopped growing. 

Those who had hair growth after chemotherapy, but 2-3 years later are experiencing a change in growth and thickness

It can be the case that hair grows following Chemotherapy treatments on its own accord. If the hair that was once growing thick and strong has begun to become thin or sparse, then our hair loss experts are here to help rebalance your scalp and promote hair growth and fullness. 

Caring for hair during and after Chemotherapy

Discover how this 64-year-old client maintained hair during Chemotherapy and promoted growth after treatment with the support of Hair Active Expert, Stefan. 

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Preserving your hair is important to us. 

Your Hair Active Expert is here to accompany you before, during and after oncologic therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or anti-hormone therapy. Let us advise you about your options and experience the natural care of YELASAI.

Find the certified Hair Active Expert in your area who will provide you with competent advice and support.

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