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Ayurveda Scalp Massage

Head massage for hair growth and wellbeing

What is Ayurveda Scalp Massage?

Ayurveda scalp massage is a method of massage that involves the kneading, rubbing, and application of gentle pressure to the head, neck, and shoulders. Many refer to the practice as ‘Indian head massage’, both terms are routed in the philosophy of Ayurveda principles. Ayurevda uses carefully selected herbal and nutrient-rich ingredients from nature to promote longevity of the hair and body. 

Across India, expectant mothers are given head massages to promote relaxation and care for their hair throughout their pregnancy. Barbers also offer head massage to clients as a means to prevent early greying and balding. Our Hair Active Experts use scalp massage in our partner salons across Europe to help speed up the process of hair growth.

Hair Active Expert massaging female clients scalp

Who can benefit from head massage?

People of all ages, skin types and hair concerns can benefit from Scalp massage. Scalp massage is becoming popular for its physiological and psychological benefits.


Scalp Massage can:

  • Promote the feeling of calm

  • Relieve eyestrain and muscle tension

  • Encourage sounder sleep

  • Increase blood circulation in the scalp

  • Promote hair growth

  • Encourage calm and benefit wellbeing

  • Help to promote and maintain lucious hair 

Benefits to the scalp

The skin is made up of multiple layers that are constantly renewing and shedding themselves. Scalp massage helps to unblock pores and fuel the skin with natural nutrients, by using oils that seep deep into the skins layers.

Small sac like structures called Sebaceous glands are found under the top layer of our skin across the human body. The glands are particularly prominent around the scalp, face, forehead, and chin. They produce a fatty substance called Sebum, which acts as our skin’s natural moisturiser. Our nourishing tonics help to regulate Sebum production and promote suppple and moisturised skin.


Scalp massage for natural hair growth

By applying pressure on specific points of the head, blood circulation is increased under the scalp. As the blood supply is heightened, roots are fuelled with nourishment and growth cycles are encouraged. The act of massage helps to activate the body’s response to oxygenation, detoxification, and metabolism. 

Our experts can encourage hair growth within a matter of weeks. Some also see growth in areas that were previously bare for many years within a matter of months. Our methods can act as an alternative to hair transplantations and offer a service that is free of pain and immune altering medications. 

Find the certified Hair Active Expert in your area who will provide you with competent advice and support.

Scalp Massage at Home

Ayurveda scalp massage is most successful when used by an experienced professional to relax certain muscles and stimulate pressure points. However, practising a form Indian head massage at home can be beneficial for general wellbeing, human connection, and natural hair maintenance.

Our experts have put together a simple 6-step guide to follow at home.

 Step 1: Source a good quality oil 

Oils can seep into the skins deepest layers and fuel roots with nutrition. Ensure that your oil is unrefined, as the refining process means that the oils are extracted at a high temperature which results in the nutrients being destroyed. 

For optimal scalp care, use Ayurveda Scalp Active Massage Oil for an abundance of natural nutriton and scalp stimulating ingredients. 

close up of fingers on scalp during massage
Step 2: Prepare for massage

If you are the masseuse, make sure your hands are clean before you begin. Have your partner, friend, or relative sit in front of you with their back straight and shoulders relaxed. Remove any jewellery to prevent breakages and to ensure that the massage movements are as fluid as possible. Have them take a few deep breaths to further rest the neck and shoulders.

Pour oil directly onto shoulders, or apply to your hands and massage into the recipients skin.

 Step 3: Massage neck and back

In Ayurveda scalp massage, the back and shoulders are also given attention. By relaxing and stimulating the muscles in the upper back and shoulders, you increase overall blood flow to the top of the body. If the recipient is wearing clothes, avoid using oil at this stage. If you have access to the skin, pour a small amount of oil on your hands to enhance the overall experience.  

Place your hands on the shoulders with your thumbs touching the sides of the neck.


Mould your hands to the shape of the shoulder and glide your hands down towards the arms. Do this a few times to deepen relaxation.

Use your hands and fingers to gently knead away any tension in the back and shoulders. Use side-to-side movements and avoid any bony areas.

 Place the heel of your hand on the upper arms and carefully move the shoulders in circular motion. Continue to massage the back, neck, and shoulders and try to maintain as much physical contact as possible throughout.

Step 4: Massage the head and scalp

As a rule, be as gentle as possible. Indian head massage practices are intended as a form of relaxation. Pour enough oil on the crown of the head to wet the area but not too much that your recipient is drenched.

Place both hands on the top of the head and gently stroke down towards the shoulders. Do this across the whole head to distribute the oil.


Ruffle the hair by drawing your fingers through it. Create wave like movements, moving from the top of the strand to the bottom. Repeat until the strands are coated.

Carefully place a hand on the forehead and use three fingers from the alternate hand to rub gentle circles across the entire scalp. Work from the base of the hairline to the forehead.


Step 5: The forehead

Stand behind your recipient and use alternate hands to stroke slowly up from the forehead to the crown of the head. Work from left to right to stimulate the whole frontal area.

Step 6: Reverse the steps to finish

Repeat the motion of moving your hands from the crown of the head, towards the shoulders.

Repeat the motion of moving your hands from the sides of the neck, towards the shoulders.


Hair washing

After care:

After your massage, wash hair with our scalp balancing Ayurveda shampoo to keep nutrients locked into the scalp and promote further rejuvenation.