Erfahrungen mit Alopecia Areata - Kreisrunder Haarausfall

Experiences with Alopecia Areata - Circular Hair Loss

Hair growth specialist Gianni Coria about his experience with circular hair loss

I have been accompanying people with Alopecia Areata since 2009. Since the end of 2014, more and more people with this problem come and get treated in the Hair Growth Specialist network. The youngest is 3 years old, the most mature person is a woman with 73 years and then there are many in between. Most of them have experienced an extremely bad stress. For example, not being accepted as a daughter by the father, or learning that the father is not the biological father, or a wife who lost her hair due to chemotherapy and her husband also loses his hair 3 days later, although he has not taken any medication or anything else, simply because he felt so sorry for his wife. Others have trouble making up their minds and get carried away with a topic. Then there are the cases who lost their hair after applying glue for artificial fingernails, others due to chemical hair dye, others due to taking birth control pills or 3 month injections and those who wanted to solve their hair problem with cortisone therapies and in the end had no hair at all.

Scalp analysis with the scalp camera The biological sense, why the body forms a hair hole exactly at a certain place, I cannot answer 100% yet. But if you go to a scalp analysis, where you can take a closer look at the follicles, very often you can see blockages. In this case, the regeneration is often faster than in the cases where the pores are no longer visible for some reason. From my point of view, the blockages on the scalp indicate a detoxification process via the scalp. If the scalp is now improperly cared for or treated with cortisone at the wrong time, the problem of hair loss will intensify. For this reason, I recommend having a scalp analysis with a scalp camera performed by a hair growth specialist, which quickly provides information about the appropriate course of action. In addition, I recommend brushing the scalp with a suitable brush every day. The scalp must be moved! Only the hairs that are no longer "rooted" anyway will fall out. With scalp brushing we push the sebum out of the pores and train the hair muscles, further the fasciae, the blood circulation and the lymphatic system are supported.

Conscious cleansing and nutrients for a vital scalp Make sure that you consciously cleanse your scalp and also supply it with nutrients, and during the period of active scalp care, refrain from using products that systematically work with synthetics. Synthetic hair products are used to create an artificial film on the hair, which will give you advantages in the immediate appearance. However, if someone has problems with the scalp, these substances can further hinder the follicles in the biological processes.