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YELASAI offers you selected sets for optimal scalp and hair care. Find here for your individual needs our scalp and hair care set recommendation for you.
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54 products

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Hair care in a set is simply better

Our hair care sets offer a range of benefits for those who value vital, well-groomed hair or want to stimulate hair growth. A set usually contains various products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and oils that are perfectly balanced to optimally care for the scalp and hair. If you choose a set, you will have all the necessary YELASAI products available to achieve optimal results. Each set is available for both short and long hair. All products are free of chemical additives such as silicones and parabens and are therefore also suitable for teenagers and babies. Our high-quality, Swiss-made hair care sets are coordinated so that you can easily select your hair problem with a click and be taken directly to the right product range.

set optimal angepasst an alle probleme und bedürfnisse haarausfall

Hair care sets for every hair type

The hair care sets from YELASAI are optimally coordinated and suitable for every hair type. Our care products are developed according to Ayurvedic principles and focus on holistic care. With our hair care sets you can give your scalp and hair the love they deserve. No matter whether you have thin hair, patchy hair loss, a sweaty scalp or a receding hairline - with our hair care products you can create a nutrient-rich foundation for naturally beautiful hair. Our sets not only consist of our high-quality shampoos for hair loss, but we also complement the hair care sets with care products that are optimally adapted to your needs. Complete your hair care routine with products for daily use to strengthen your scalp and hair in the long term and keep them vital.

yelasai set für männer und frauen geeignet haarausfall

The YELASAI scalp analysis

During the scalp analysis, theYELASAI hair growth specialistthe scalp with 50x and 200x magnification. Around 30 images of the scalp then clearly show what condition the scalp is in and which topics should be worked on. The professional analysis with the scalp camera shows, for example, how well the hair roots are nourished, how many hairs are in the growth phase and what hair thickness the newly growing hairs have. Based on this analysis, our hair growth specialist will then put together a hair care set that is optimally tailored to your hair, scalp and needs. You can easily find and contact a suitable specialist using our specialist finder. Your hair will thank you.


Are YELASAI products suitable for all hair types?

Yes, YELASAI products are suitable for all hair types.

Do YELASAI products contain synthetic fragrances or preservatives?

No, YELASAI products do not contain any synthetic fragrances or preservatives. Instead, natural ingredients such as herbs and oils are used.

Can I also buy the products in the YELASAI hair care sets individually?

Yes, all products from the YELASAI hair care sets are also available individually. The individual prices are stated for each set.

Can I buy the hair care set online?

Yes, all sets are available in our online shop and can be conveniently delivered to your home.