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Hair loss due to chemotherapy

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Promote hair growth after chemotherapy naturally

Your hair preservation is important to us! We accompany you during oncological therapies, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy!

HAIRWOOD SPECIALISTS with the additional designation ONCOHAIRCARE have completed a special specialized training and accompany you even with sensitive hair issues.

How should you proceed?

1. you are still undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy

Ideally, you should visit a hair growth specialist 2 - 3 weeks before your therapy or preferably directly after diagnosis. By accompanying a specially developed Ayurvedic scalp massage with the coordinated hair root strengthening care products, the scalp can remain supple and elastic so that hair growth is promoted.

2. you already have hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

You already suffer from hair loss? Your hair growth specialist can advise and guide you so that your hair grows back better, already during your medical treatment.

3. no more hair growth after chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

In up to 5% of cases, hair does not grow back after chemotherapy or radiotherapy, even after years. By actively caring for the scalp, your hair growth specialist can accompany you and promote natural hair growth.

4. strong hair growth after chemotherapy and thin, weak hair 2-3 years later.

Did you have vigorous hair growth after chemotherapy and a few years later the hair has become thin, weak or fallen out again? Through proper care of the scalp and hair, your hair growth specialist can guide you back to new vital hair. Let yourself be professionally advised and accompanied.

Take precautions already before chemotherapy

If you are about to undergo chemotherapy, ideally visit a HAIR LOSS SPECIALIST 2 - 3 weeks before your therapy or preferably immediately after diagnosis. Depending on the chemotherapy, we cannot (yet) prevent hair loss. However, intensive support can keep the scalp supple and elastic. Even during the medical treatment, the hair is given the opportunity to anchor itself more firmly and grow continuously. And if the hair runs out, we concentrate together on the returning, healthy hair growth. Look forward to your hair growing back slowly and steadily already during chemotherapy.

We are also here for you if...

- you already have hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
- you have no or hardly any hair growth after chemotherapy or radiation therapy
- your hair becomes thin and weak or falls out after medical therapies. By the correct care of scalp and hair your HAARWUCHS-SPEZIALISTpromotes vital hair growth.

In addition to scalp care, your well-being is very important to us. We provide courage and energy to persevere even in difficult phases. We are the feel-good factor, here self-healing powers can be activated in the best possible way. It is generally known today that the inner balance is an important factor for recovery.

ONCOHAIRCARE - Hair care concept during chemotherapy

ONCOHAIRCARE is more than just hair! With our initiative we support the empowerment of patients for competent co-responsibility through information, actions and intensive networking.

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