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Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo 100ml

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Gentle cleaning without silicones

Gives volume, strength and fullness

Also suitable for children

    Available immediately. At your home in 1-3 days.

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    Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo 100ml - YELASAI

    Applicable also for:

    For gentle cleansing of the scalp, Incipient hair loss, Chemotherapy, Thin and fine hair, Inflammatory scalp, Oily hair

    Hair types:

    Short hair
    Long hair

    Hair problems:

    Incipient hair loss, chemotherapy, thin and fine hair, greasy hair, receding hairline, hair loss due to medications and hair ring.

    General information


    Our mild scalp shampoo also suitable for sensitive scalp and hair problems. Economical and efficient, our natural shampoo removes grease and dirt.


    For short hair ½ stroke shampoo undiluted, for long hair 1 stroke diluted in 50 - 60 ml of water, spread on damp scalp and rub in gently. Leave on for 1 - 2 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Try to wash the hair only every other day or 1 - 2 times a week to support the optimal effect of Ayurveda Hair Active Tonic. The Hair Active Shampoo is also recommended for showering or washing as a substitute for conventional shower gels and soaps. The Hair Active Shampoo is very mild and therefore also suitable for children.




    Einige unserer Kunden haben sich dazu entschlossen, ihre Fortschritte, nach der Anwendung unserer Produkte, mit uns zu teilen. Wir freuen uns sehr über diese beeindruckenden Vorher-Nachher-Bilder.

    Features of all YELASAI products

    Natural ingredients

    Supplemented with natural fermented herbs.

    No synthetic materials

    No fragrances, colors, flavors or preservatives.

    No risk to health

    No hormones, nanoparticles or petroleum products.

    Swiss quality

    Carefully manufactured and tested in Switzerland.

    Hair loss shampoo – Treat your scalp to optimal care

    Hair loss can have various causes, from stress to hormonal changes
    to infections and medications. Our hair is an important part of us
    Personality and expression. If they become thin or fail, it can
    severely affect self-confidence. At YELASAI we want to help you do that
    promote natural hair growth. Our hair loss shampoo offers gentle care for the
    scalp without weighing it down or irritating it. With and without natural ingredients
    synthetic fragrances, it ensures a mild cleansing of hair and scalp
    Creates the basis for vital hair growth. But which shampoo for hair loss is this?
    right one?

    Miracle cure for hair loss?

    Unfortunately, there are no miracle cures that will make hair grow overnight. advertising promise,
    Those who promise such results are mostly empty promises. Lots of shampoos
    against hair loss fill the shelves in the drugstore, but the search for the right one is difficult
    Product can cost a lot of time and money. Often these products are not available
    individual needs of the scalp, which leads to frustration and more
    Can lead to hair loss. There is no such thing as the best shampoo for hair loss
    Effectiveness always depends on the individual cause of hair loss.

    Before choosing a shampoo for hair loss, it would be important to understand the cause of the hair loss
    to know about hair loss. With the right active ingredients, a hair loss shampoo can
    Strengthen the scalp and hair roots and support natural hair growth. At
    YELASAI we have developed the Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo, which depends on the cause of the
    Hair loss creates the natural basis to promote hair growth.

    Gentle hair loss shampoo

    A good shampoo against hair loss cleanses the hair and scalp gently and gently.
    The Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo from YELASAI does not contain any silicones, which act like one
    layer around the hair and can hinder the absorption of nourishing ingredients. It
    also contains no synthetic substances such as fragrances, colors, flavors and preservatives,
    which could irritate hair growth. Our hair loss shampoo is for everyone
    Suitable for families and offers worry-free care for your hair.

    Give your scalp the care it really needs and discover that
    Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo from YELASAI for promoting healthy and
    natural hair growth.

    Your new hair shampoo

    The new hair loss shampoo of your choice is made from natural ingredients that come with
    Natural and fermented herbs were added. It's important to pay attention to that
    To pay attention to the health of our skin and scalp, as everything that comes into contact with it
    has an influence on our well-being. Our hair loss shampoo is health-friendly
    harmless because it does not contain hormones, nanoparticles or petroleum products. In contrast
    to many other anti-hair loss products.

    Thanks to its mild formulation, the hair loss shampoo is suitable for daily use
    and suitable for every family member. It cleanses hair and scalp gently but effectively.
    At the same time, it strengthens the volume and gives the hair strength and fullness.

    Care routine even for hair loss

    Develop your hair routine with our anti-hair loss shampoo. scalp and
    Hair likes routines. Constantly changing hair care products can damage your skin and hair
    irritate. Therefore, you should limit yourself to an anti-hair loss shampoo. Our
    YELASAI hair loss shampoo is suitable for long-term use. Instead of daily
    We recommend washing your hair with a conventional shampoo to combat hair loss
    Wash your hair every two days or even just 1-2 times a week. We want the scalp
    Don't over-care or irritate them, but rather with valuable ingredients from Ayurveda
    Provide Hair Active Shampoo in what we believe is the right way. Our shampoo nourishes
    gentle and supports the scalp in a natural way, even for itchy scalp and
    beginning hair loss.

    At YELASAI, in addition to the shampoo, we also offer other caring products
    Customers like to use it to combat hair loss, regardless of whether they are men or women
    Hair growth-promoting tonic, hair and scalp oil or hair masks. Our high quality
    and exclusive care products meet individual needs and support them
    Hair growth naturally. Our anti-hair loss shampoo will be your new one
    Companion for naturally beautiful hair that grows vitally and naturally.

    Promote hair growth in case of hair loss

    In addition to our hair loss shampoo, there are other methods you can use
    to promote hair growth and enhance the effect of the shampoo.
    An effective method is a regular scalp massage, which stimulates blood circulation.
    Massage the scalp using gentle, circular movements with your fingertips
    promote hair growth. It is important to have this massage regularly in your
    Integrate your hair care routine to achieve optimal results.

    A shampoo against hair loss helps the scalp stay healthy and healthy
    to regenerate optimally. There are various factors that affect hair growth
    such as hormonal fluctuations, illnesses or medical treatments.
    Women who are going through menopause, for example, may suffer more often
    Suffer hair loss as the body goes through hormonal changes. A shampoo against
    In such cases, hair loss can promote natural hair growth and so the
    Reduce the effects of hair loss. It enables many women to have a positive one
    To influence your scalp and hair growth.

    Scalp analyzes for proper care

    At YELASAI we are aware that hair loss is a highly emotional topic
    many people are unsettled. We would like to accompany you on this path and give you the
    provide the best possible support. With the help of scalp analysis we can help you
    Recommend targeted care products and the possible causes of your hair loss
    determine. In this way, a hair loss shampoo can be optimally tailored to your needs
    Scalp and hair are coordinated.

    Your hair is an expression of your personality, and we want to help you, yours
    Promote hair growth and boost your confidence. Trust in the expertise
    from YELASAI and let us explore the possible causes of your hair loss together
    get to the bottom.

    Hair loss shampoo even for dry scalp

    Our mild scalp and hair shampoo is also for people with sensitive scalps and can be used without hesitation. Whether it's a dry scalp or an itchy scalp, our unique formula contains gentle ingredients that are gentle on the scalp and support a balanced microbiome on the scalp. For sensitive scalp issues, we also recommend ours 1-2 times a weekAyurveda Hair & Scalp Active Oil.Our mild scalp and hair shampoo is also suitable for people who have to wash their hair every day for work reasons. Try our hair loss shampoo and enjoy healthy, strong hair and a relaxed scalp.

    Hair loss shampoos and limits

    Hair loss shampoos offer both possibilities and limitations in treatment
    of hair loss. A good hair loss shampoo should contain high-quality nutrients that
    Nourish the hair and scalp without clogging the follicles or putting strain on the hair.
    It is important to choose the right shampoo according to individual needs
    select to achieve optimal results. It may also be useful to use the shampoo
    Combine with other care products.

    In addition to using a hair loss shampoo, a customized one can be used
    Stress management and a healthy diet support healthy hair growth. The
    Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo is a good choice as it is suitable for the whole family
    and contains natural ingredients that promote healthy hair. It is also suitable
    for people who do not suffer from hair loss. The shampoo is gentle on the scalp
    and can also be more sensitive in cases of severe hair loss due to circular hair loss
    scalp or stressed scalp.

    However, there are limitations to using shampoos for hair loss. It is important
    Please note that the effect of shampoos alone is limited and it is holistic
    approach matters. A scalp analysis can help determine the individual
    Identify hair and scalp care needs and identify other care options
    discuss. In addition, high-quality nutritional supplements can be taken
    to provide valuable nutrients for hair loss and to promote hair growth.

    Hair growth specialists are here for you

    Our hair growth experts and hair growth specialists from YELASAI are happy to assist you
    available to inform you about hair loss shampoos and other scalp and hair care products
    Opportunities to advise.

    frequently asked Questions

    For which hair types is the product suitable?

    Our Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo is perfectly suitable for children, as well as for adults with short or long hair.

    For which hair problems do we recommend the care product?

    For incipient hair loss, chemotherapy, for thin and fine hair, greasy hair, receding hairline, hair loss due to medications and hair ring.

    What are the applications of the product?

    To give volume, strength and fullness and gently cleanse the scalp. For incipient hair loss, chemotherapy, Thin and fine hair, Inflammatory scalp, Oily hair.