What the scalp analysis reveals:

Nourishment of the hair roots & growth phase of the hair

Number of dead hairs and the consistency of the fat on the scalp

Hair thickness of newly growing hairs & whether each pore is occupied by a hair

Also hereditary hair loss is not a final fate - despite false information that is spread!

Gianni Coria Kopfhaut Analyse

Analysis of the scalp for hair loss and hair problems

During the scalp analysis, the YELASAI hair growth specialist examines your scalp with 50x and 200x magnification. Around 30 images of your scalp will clearly show you the reasons that led to the current condition of your hair.

Through the professional analysis with the scalp camera you will see how:

- how well your hair roots are nourished
- how much hair is in the growth phase
- what is the consistency of the fat on your scalp
- how many dead hairs are present
- what is the thickness of the newly growing hairs
- whether each scalp pore is occupied by a hair
- and much more.

Kopfzonen Bild
Kopfhaut Analyse mit Kamera

Scalp analysis from the specialist

The scalp analysis helps you understand the actual situation and thus find the appropriate scalp and hair care.

The hair growth specialist will accompany you to full hair with the care solution tailored for you.

Are you interested in a scalp analysis with the scalp camera? Make an appointment with your hair growth specialist now.