Active care for:

Receding hairline, hair fringe, circular hair loss & total hair loss

Natural hair thickening by reactivating your own hair roots

Hair breakage and split ends, dandruff, dry scalp and oily hair

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Professional support and analysis for hair loss from a hair growth specialist

People today are exposed to many challenges at the same time: stress, hectic everyday life, environmental pollution, poor quality of food and drinks as well as incorrect scalp care and many others can have a more strenuous effect on our organism than is often portrayed. According to statistics, every second person is affected by hair loss. Since around 1999, so-called hereditary hair loss has also become widespread among women.

Your local hair growth specialist will help you with any type of hair problem through a holistic approach.

Our sophisticated concept consists of Ayurvedic-inspired hair care cosmetics, nutritional supplements and the stimulation of meridian and acupressure points on the scalp. Even if hair problems have persisted for decades, we offer natural and sustainable scalp and hair care. Our method for caring for the hair and scalp is based on thousands of years of Ayurvedic knowledge, which has been optimally supplemented by new scientific findings of our time. Our hair growth specialists are professionally trained and certified specialists on the subject of hair, hair loss and natural hair growth.
We support men , women and children with our extensive specialist knowledge and many years of experience in all kinds of hair issues.

Regardless of the type of hair loss affecting you, consulting a certified hair growth specialist will be able to provide you with insight. The sophisticated concept for natural and full hair is individually adapted to your needs and thus ensures optimal results. Our hair growth specialists therefore represent a natural alternative to hair transplantation. Make an appointment with a hair growth specialist near you and see the results for yourself.

Your specialist for promoting natural hair growth offers support with:

    • Natürliche Haarverdichtung durch Reaktivierung der eigenen Haarwurzeln
    • Bei schwachen und kraftlosen Haaren
    • Erblich bedingter Haarausfall oder Glatze
    • Geheimratsecken & Haarkranz
    • Kreisrunder Haarausfall
    • Totaler Haarverlust
    • Haarbruch und Spliss
    • Dünner werdendes oder schütteres Haar
    • Diffuser Haarausfall auf der Kopfhaut
    • Als Alternative zur Haar-Transplantation oder zur Unterstützung für schönerenund dichteren Haarwuchs danach
    • Haarausfall während Wechseljahren oder nach der Schwangerschaft
    • Unregelmässiger und spärlicher Bartwuchs
    • Haarausfall durch Medikamente sowie Chemo- oder Strahlentherapie
    • Schuppen
    • Trockene Kopfhaut
    • Fettiges Haar
    • Brüchige, dünne und kurze Wimpern
    • Unregelmässige, dünne oder schlecht wachsende Augenbrauen
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Scalp analysis with the scalp camera

Our hair growth specialists are your contacts for competent and sustainable scalp and hair care. For a professional analysis, they examine your scalp with a micro camera with a magnification of 50 to 200 times.

Around 30 images of your scalp make it clear which possible causes have led to your hair problem today: The professional analysis with the scalp camera shows how well your hair roots are nourished, how much hair is in the growth phase, what consistency the fat on the scalp has, how many dead hairs are present, what thickness the newly growing hairs are, whether every scalp pore is covered with a hair and much more.

Hair loss? Now to new, natural hair growth

The sophisticated concept of our hair growth specialists is based on Ayurvedic-inspired hair care cosmetics, nutritional supplements and manual stimulation of the scalp. By reactivating the hair roots , natural hair thickening can be stimulated - the hair growth specialists are also there for problems such as baldness , receding hairline , circular hair loss , weak, greasy or dry hair , dandruff , split ends as well as hair loss due to medication or chemotherapy or during menopause and Pregnancies here for you.

By naturally caring for the scalp and actively and consistently cleaning and revitalizing it, we support the foundation for strong and vital hair growth.
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