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CORIADERM: The unique skin care made from 41 natural ingredients

With 41 natural ingredients obtained from various types of fruit, vegetables and grasses and subjected to a three-year fermentation process, we ensure conscious, valuable care for your skin. The worldwide unique, gentle procedure allows for all-round care without over-care!

Natural skin care made in Switzerland

Rich care with valuable minerals, recovery of stressed skin and vitality and elasticity to face everyday life with energy. The high-quality Natural Ferment skin care line leaves the skin feeling pleasant and has a wonderfully delicate scent made from natural oils of apricot and honey - pamper your senses and treat yourself to the natural difference.

For vital, radiant skin!

Natural care products for face and body – CORIADERM

41 x 3 years – that is the simple formula that nature provides us for the vitality of your skin. Health and beauty for every skin type, firm skin and a youthful complexion without chemical additives - that's what we want to offer you.