Our key features:

Quality – approved nature seal for natural ingredients

Quality advice – network of hair growth specialists

Social responsibility – movement of conscious hairdressers and sponsorships

The Yelasai philosophy

Approved Nature Logo

Natural hair care products for hair loss and co.

Quality from YELASAI GmbH

We are a transnational company that has set itself the task of acting as a reliable, innovative and competent developer and provider of sustainable hair care solutions, valuable nutritional supplement products and natural cosmetics. Our approach, concepts and products are based on developments and findings from all over the world that are thousands of years old and the modern achievements of our time.

Through this holistic approach, we offer, among other things, efficient hair care solutions. We complement our work exclusively with high-quality, naturally produced products and also offer outstanding service. We also strive to collaborate with conventional medical bodies.

We consider our hair growth specialists and employees to be our most valuable assets. Your professional training and personal development is our ongoing task.

We want to be an above-average growing company through respect, efficiency, personal commitment and humanity in an environment of trusting, cooperative relationships.

Gianni Coria Kopfhaut Analyse

Quality of advice

The well-founded training service supports our hair growth specialists in the network in mastering daily customer requirements and is aimed at efficient use of the products.

On the one hand, this training takes place through information events or individual individual training. On the other hand, training courses are carried out directly by our hair growth specialists in order to achieve the best possible reference to customer requirements.

BBF - Bewegung bewusster Friseure

BBF – Movement of Conscious Hairdressers

YELASAI GmbH is a member of the “BBF – Movement of Conscious Hairdressers” association. The association pursues the following goals, which we are happy to support:

Content declarations for skin and hair care products: Understandable, honest, completeFuture-oriented holistic training concept: Natural hairdresser in hairdresser training Sustainable health and environmental protection in hairdressing - craftsProjects that support the naturalness of our lives Reduction of the BGW hazard class with consistent use of certified skin and hair care products in Hairdressing area