Ayurveda Kopfhautmassage

Naturally promote hair growth by massaging the scalp

Beautiful and vital hair is considered something very special, which must be cared for and preserved. That is why our hair growth specialists are committed to helping you professionally with hair loss and hair problems of all kinds. Our customers who visitone of our hair growth specialistsonce a week for 12 weeks will see the first results in a very short time. Hair growth can be promoted through regular scalp massages. This is independent of how long you have been suffering from hair problems.

The hair growth specialist accompanies you professionally during 12 weeks with a weekly Ayurvedic scalp massage.

After that, we recommend that you continue to have your scalp massaged once a month until you are satisfied with the results. For hair care during high medical treatment such as chemotherapy, we will accompany you weekly with scalp massage for six months or as long as you wish our accompaniment.

The hair growth specialist in your region will be happy to provide you with expert advice.

Kopfhaut Massage

YELASAI scalp massage relaxes and promotes blood circulation.

Through the scalp massage, the hair base is sufficiently supplied with blood, while the hair root is supplied with more oxygen and nutrients. Already in a few weeks you can convince yourself of stronger and denser hair growth.

The scalp massage is the ideal complement to our YELASAI Ayurveda care products. This also during or after conventional medical treatments such as hair loss due to chemotherapy.