Oncohaircare - An initiative for cancer patients

Oncohaircare - Care for hair loss during chemotherapy


When you are confronted with the diagnosis of cancer, hair loss is one of the most feared side effects and is often experienced as a catastrophe. We can empathize with this very well, because ONCOHAIRCARE was created from the perspective of those affected.

Anyone who accompanies clients with cancer must first understand the disease. Get a basic medical understanding, know the effects of cancer therapies on skin and hair, experience the burdens of the customers and how to deal with them.

HAIRHOUSE SPECIALISTS are an international network of hairdressers who reliably and competently accompany people with hair problems and hair loss of any kind.

HAIRHALF SPECIALISTS with the additional designation ONCOHAIRCARE have completed a special professional training, which ensures a professional accompaniment of cancer patients during and after their therapies.

Research in cooperation with the gynecological clinic Fürth -ONCOHAIRCARE is close to the people

In cooperation with the Frauenklinik Fürth under the direction of Chief Physician Professor Dr. med. Hanf, we document and observe in the APOSTO-STUDY specifically the course of the effects of chemotherapy on scalp and hair.

So far, few mechanisms are known in the whole subject. With the scientific findings we learn to open doors that bring us step by step closer to the ultimate goal - complete hair preservation.

The active and professional support offered by HAARWUCHS-SPEZIALIST comes into focus. It is very much appreciated, both by patients and by doctors.

The medical work is also supported by the fact that the experts face stable and cooperative patients. ONCOHAIRECARE helps to provide this support: We provide courage and energy to persevere even in difficult phases. We are the feel-good factor, here self-healing powers can be activated in the best possible way. It is generally known today that the inner balance is an important factor for recovery.

ONCOHAIRCARE is available from your favorite hairdresser

Actively care for scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes, consciously strengthen hair roots and provide hair with nutrients.

At your HAIRWOOD SPECIALIST in the salon, your scalp is regularly examined and assessed with a special scalp camera. It is massaged, cleansed and intensively cared for. The metabolism is activated, the scalp is sufficiently supplied with blood, the hair root is supplied with more oxygen and nutrients. Your scalp remains supple and vital, the supplied nutrients give your hair the possibility to grow even during this intensive period.

Very important to us, in addition to scalp care, is your well-being.

We are there when you need "ANYONE"
.. who has the overview when you don't have it yourself
.... who shows you ways you don't know yourself
.... who shows you processes when everything is too much for you
.... who understands what you feel, think and what moves you
.... who has suggestions for solutions.

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When is the ideal time?

  • The ideal time for ONCOHAIRCARE is always as you need it for your well-being.

    If you are about to undergo chemotherapy ideally visit a HAIR SPECIALIST 2 - 3 weeks before your therapy or preferably immediately after diagnosis.

    Depending on the chemotherapy, we cannot (yet) prevent hair loss. However, intensive support can keep the scalp supple and elastic. At the same time, the hair is given the opportunity to become more firmly anchored and to grow continuously, even during the medical treatment. And if the hair runs out, we focus together on the returning, healthy hair growth.

  • Look forward to your hair growing back slowly and steadily even during chemotherapy.

    We are also here for you when

    • Sie bereits Haarausfall durch Chemo- oder Bestrahlungstherapie haben.a
    • Sie kein oder kaum Haarwachstum nach der Chemo- oder Bestrahlungstherapie haben.
    • Ihr Haar nach den medizinischen Therapien dünn und schwach wird oder ausfällt.

    Durch die richtige Pflege von Kopfhaut und Haaren begleitet Sie Ihr HAARWUCHS-SPEZIALIST zurück zu neuem vitalen Haarwuchs.
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Find a hairdresser who offers ONCOHAIRCARE - Welcome to the place to recharge your batteries!

People undergoing chemotherapy go to the hairdresser, to ONCOHAIRCARE, whether they have hair or not. In any case, they know that they will be pampered there and you know exactly what to do for their well-being.

Not only is intensive care given to the scalp and hair to reduce potential hair loss. They are also taken by the hand and accompanied through this sensitive phase of life. Sometimes you also meet other sufferers there, you chat with each other and simply exchange ideas.

What products do hair growth specialists work with?

  • HAIR CARE SPECIALISTS use the products of YELASAI. They are intended for the care of hair and skin, are not medicines or remedies and can be combined with medical therapies at any time. Only natural ingredients are used, supplemented with natural fermented herbs.

    • Keine synthetischen Duft-, Farb-, Aroma- und Konservierungsstoffe
    • Keine Erdölprodukte wie Paraffin und Mineralöl, Parabene, Silikone und PEG
    • Keine Hormone
    • Keine Nanopartikel
    • Keine Tierversuche
    • Hergestellt in der Schweiz