What the scalp analysis reveals:

Nourishment of the hair roots & growth phase of the hair

Number of dead hairs and the consistency of oil on the scalp

Hair thickness of newly growing hair & whether each pore is covered with a hair

Scalp skin analysis with the scalp camera

Gianni Coria Kopfhaut Analyse

Analysis of the scalp for hair loss and hair problems

During the scalp analysis, the YELASAI hair growth specialist examines your scalp at 50x and 200x magnification. Around 30 pictures of your scalp clearly show you the reasons that led to the current condition of your hair.

Through professional analysis with the scalp camera you can see how:

- how well your hair roots are nourished
- how much hair is in the growth phase
- what consistency the oil has on your scalp
- how much dead hair there is
- what hair thickness the newly growing hair has
- whether every scalp pore is covered with a hair
- and much more.

Kopfzonen Bild
Kopfhaut Analyse mit Kamera

Scalp analysis by a specialist

The scalp analysis helps you understand the current situation and thus find the appropriate scalp and hair care.

The hair growth specialist will accompany you to full hair with the care solution tailored to your needs.

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  • Scalp analysis – identifying causes of hair loss

    A scalp analysis allows us to discover the ideal care for your scalp and hair. The scalp analysis from YELASAI informs you about the current status of your hair roots and how the hair growth phase is currently progressing. The first step to tackling a problem is always recognizing how it arises. A scalp analysis not only tells us the general condition of your scalp, but also the number of dead hairs and the consistency of the oil on your scalp. These are important factors that influence hair growth.

    Scalp analysis – we examine your scalp for a professional analysis

    A professional scalp analysis goes far beyond how a hairdresser can assess your hair and scalp, as your scalp is examined using a camera that provides 50x to 200x magnification. The scalp analysis with the YELASAI scalp camera also enables us to assess the hair density of newly growing hair and to check whether every pore is covered with a hair. With a professional tool like scalp analysis, which is evaluated by specialists, you open up completely new possibilities for addressing the needs of your hair and scalp. Because it is like so often: If you can find the source of the problem, it is much easier to find effective care solutions. Because every person is highly individual, not only in terms of their characteristics and facets, but also in terms of their hair.

    If you have been struggling with problems such as hair loss for a long time and have not yet found an effective solution, a scalp analysis from our hair growth experts can be an important step for you and provide valuable insights for further care. We will also accompany you beyond this and find a suitable solution for your individual needs and the demands of your scalp. As you progress, our hair care products, which consist of natural ingredients, can be valuable companions to support natural hair growth and care for the scalp.

    Is hair loss normal?

    In principle, it is completely normal for a person to lose hair. However, it depends on the number of hairs you lose every day. A hair and scalp analysis gives you the opportunity to find out whether the amount of hair lost in your case is "normal" - or whether it is worth working against it.

    A scalp analysis for hair loss is an effective way to analyze exactly what the problem is. We know: Hair loss can be very stressful and have a massive impact on everyday life. After all, hair is a key part of your appearance and your first impression. They are a kind of frame for the face and, through hairstyles etc., part of the respective individuality and character is reflected in them.

    Do you notice that when you comb your hair, more and more hair remains in the brush? Do you notice thin spots on your scalp? With a scalp analysis, we can help you find out where the possible origin of hair loss lies and what remedies you can use to support natural, healthy hair growth.

    The quicker you act, the sooner you can find out what the right and important steps are to stop hair loss. Through the scalp microscope we use and the evaluation of our hair growth specialists, it is possible to find the optimal care for your scalp and reduce the factors that inhibit healthy hair growth.

  • Scalp analysis: costs and other important information

    The costs of a scalp analysis cannot be fixed across the board because: As a customer, you are individual to us. Everyone brings their own symptoms and concerns to the hair analysis. At YELASAI we would like to offer you an opportunity to find the cause of hair loss with scalp analysis. If you have exhausted many options so far, we can be a new, professional point of contact for you. The professional scalp analysis of our hair growth specialists uses a microscope to assess the scalp as well as the general condition of hair roots, scalp pores and more. While other providers have little time available for their customers, at YELASAI you are the focus right from the start. After the analysis, we discuss what care can support your natural hair growth and see what your scalp needs.

    We do it differently because we understand what a fundamental issue hair growth is for many people. Whether as a result of a dermatological disease, pregnancy, stress, hereditary factors or due to chemotherapy . Hair loss and the psychological consequences of it are omnipresent. YELASAI is committed to not only providing you with the best hair care products that completely avoid synthetic fragrances, colors, flavors and preservatives, but we want to accompany you through every emotional step.

    Care that you can carry out at home before the scalp analysis:

    • If you want to dry your hair after washing your hair, avoid “scrubbing it dry” as this will damage the hair structure as hair is very fragile, especially when wet. Instead, gently squeeze out the water with a towel. This is a gentle way to dry your hair.
    • If your hair is still wet after washing and you comb it, you should proceed very gently so as not to unintentionally pull out additional hair.

    If you prefer to wash your hair in the evening, you should also dry it well. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we move around a lot at night, damp hair breaks off more quickly.

    Put your hair in our hands - we will find the right care for a healthy scalp

    Hair is an important element for our well-being. That's why you shouldn't leave your health and vitality to chance. In contrast to a conventional scalp analysis at the hairdresser using the eyes, our experts offer you a hair-precise analysis using a microscope. In addition to the scalp analysis, at YELASAI you benefit from our versatile care series , which are tailored precisely to the needs of your scalp and hair.

    Would you like to receive advice from one of our specialists on site? We are sure to have one of our advice centers near you.