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Ayurveda Hair Active Leave In & Repair

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Approved Nature

Repairs & protects your hair from UV light and air pollution

Frees the hair from free radicals

    Available immediately. At your home in 1-3 days.

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    Ayurveda Hair Active Leave In & Repair - YELASAI Leavein Conditioner

    Applicable also for:

    Hair care with hair repairing and hair building properties

    Hair types:

    Short hair
    Long hair

    Hair problems:

    Thin and fine hair, Oily hair, Straw-like and brittle hair

    General information


    Natural Leave In & Repair Hair growth promoting herbal care with beneficial amino acids, vitamins and proteins. Our hair care for you with hair repairing and hair building properties: repairs, protects your hair from UV light as well as air pollution and frees the hair from free radicals.As usual, we work with our care line exclusively on the basis of natural raw materials. The strengthened cuticle will make your hair shine with more shine and brilliance


    After shampooing, apply a pea to hazelnut sized portion to towel-dried hair. Massage from the tips into the lengths. Do not rinse out and style as usual.




    Einige unserer Kunden haben sich dazu entschlossen, ihre Fortschritte, nach der Anwendung unserer Produkte, mit uns zu teilen. Wir freuen uns sehr über diese beeindruckenden Vorher-Nachher-Bilder.

    Features of all YELASAI products

    Natural ingredients

    Supplemented with natural fermented herbs.

    No synthetic materials

    No fragrances, colors, flavors or preservatives.

    No risk to health

    No hormones, nanoparticles or petroleum products.

    Swiss quality

    Carefully manufactured and tested in Switzerland.

    Exclusive leave-in & repair conditioner for shiny hair

    Welcome to our exclusive Ayurveda Hair Active Leave-In & Repair hair care! We are pleased to be able to offer you a comprehensive and luxurious leave-in conditioner for your dry and moisturizing hair that does not need to be washed out. With our unique formula, with fermented herbs, amino acids, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients, all obtained from natural ingredients, we pamper your hair, strengthen your hair and give it a radiant, brilliant shine. Our Ayurveda Hair Active Leave-In & Repair contains high-quality ingredients such as biotin and arginine, which are known to strengthen hair and help revitalize hair. Our selected, valuable care substances in the leave-in conditioner penetrate deep into the hair structure and ensure intensive hair care from the inside out. They not only give your hair a healthy look, but also support hair growth and resistance.

    Protective shield for your hair

    The Leave-In, Ayurveda Hair Active Leave-In & Repair conditioner has been specially developed to protect and care for your hair in the best possible way. In addition to its repairing properties, it also offers effective UV protection. The sun's rays can damage the hair and cause the color to fade. With our leave-in conditioner, the shine of your hair is retained, even after prolonged exposure to the sun. In addition, our Leave-In & Repair conditioner also protects against harmful environmental influences such as air pollution. This can put strain on the hair and impair its vitality. Our formula forms a protective barrier around the hair, preventing harmful particles and pollutants from penetrating the hair structure. This keeps your hair healthy and resilient. With the Leave-In Conditioner, Ayurveda Hair Active Leave-In & Repair, you apply a nourishing protective shield to your hair that also reduces the smell of cigarette smoke from clinging to the hair. This is particularly beneficial for people who want to protect their hair from unpleasant odors.

    Natural hair care instead of synthetic chemicals

    Our Conditioner Leave-In, Ayurveda Hair Active Leave-In & Repair is an ideal solution for those who prefer natural care products and want to avoid potentially harmful additives. This product is based on natural ingredients and does not contain any harsh chemicals. By using natural ingredients, your hair is gently cared for and repaired. It helps strengthen your hair and give it a healthy look. By using this leave-in product, you can protect your hair from harmful environmental influences while providing it with valuable nutrients. Our Ayurveda Hair Active Leave-In & Repair offers an effective solution for damaged hair. It supports the regeneration and repair of the hair while giving it shine and suppleness. The natural ingredients make it also suitable for people with sensitive scalps.

    Closed cuticle layer for strong hair

    Another advantage of our Leave-In Conditioner, Ayurveda Hair Active Leave-In & Repair is the protection of the cuticle, the outer layer of the hair. By holding the cuticle together, the hair is strengthened and more resistant to external influences. Our special formula prevents the breakdown of internal hair substances, proteins and lipids, resulting in thicker and healthier looking hair.

    Protection against free radicals

    In addition, our Leave-In Conditioner, Ayurveda Hair Active Leave-In & Repair offers an exceptional antioxidant effect. It protects your hair from free radicals caused by air pollution or sun rays. Free radicals can damage keratin, fatty acids and melanin synthesis, resulting in damaged, dull and brittle hair. Our Conditioner Leave-In, Ayurveda Hair Active Leave-In & Repair preserves the health of your hair and gives it vitality and shine. To optimally care for your hair, our Leave-In & Repair conditioner restructures the cuticle and repairs the hair. It protects the proteins in the hair and keeps the hair density intact. This makes your hair less prone to damage and stays soft, shiny and supple.

    Leave-In Conditioner & Repair for strong cuticles

    Our Leave-In Conditioner, Ayurveda Hair Active Leave-In & Repair also strengthens the cuticle to provide better resistance to environmental influences such as air pollution and UV rays. It protects your hair fibers and maintains their health. This not only gives you healthy and homogeneous hair fibers, but also a radiant shine and a brilliant appearance.

    Leave-in conditioner for curls

    Our leave-in conditioner is specifically designed for women with curly hair and offers a variety of benefits. Through regular use, the Ayurveda Hair Active Leave-In & Repair strengthens your curls and promotes natural definition. In addition, it protects your curly hair from harmful external influences and gives curly hair a radiant shine and vitality. Try it today and experience the impressive transformation of your curls with our leave-in conditioner for you!

    All-round care with leave-in & repair

    Treat yourself to exquisite, regular hair care with the Conditioner Leave-In, Ayurveda Hair Active Leave-In & Repair and enjoy the benefits of the natural ingredients, the strengthening of your hair from the inside out, the intensive moisturizing care and the comprehensive protection against external influences . Give your hair the shine it deserves with our leave-in conditioners and feel beautiful and confident!

    frequently asked Questions

    For which hair types is the product suitable?

    Our Leave In & Repair is perfectly suitable for children, as well as for adults with long hair.

    For which hair problems do we recommend the care product?

    Thin and fine hair, Oily hair, Straw-like and brittle hair

    What are the applications of the product?

    Before and after sunbathing