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YELASAI – Natural care for hair loss

YELASAI – The natural alternative for hair loss

Natural ingredients

Supplemented with natural fermented herbs.

No synthetic materials

No fragrances, colors, flavors or preservatives.

Approved Nature

No hormones, nanoparticles or petroleum products.

Proven Quality

Carefully manufactured and tested in Switzerland.

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Our sets for all your concerns. From a receding hairline, to partial to complete hair loss, to hair loss during chemotherapy and much more.

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Natural hair gel with herbs. Ideal hairstyle hold and care, supports hair growth. Natural hold with herbal extracts that support hair growth. Optimal complement to the YELASAI Ayurveda hair care products.

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Natural care products with high-quality plants and minerals. Gives the skin moisture and balance and, above all, a fresh and healthy appearance. Provides intensive care and provides lasting moisture

For skin care

Our nutritional supplement can be used to supplement general nutrition and therefore also for diffuse hair loss, androgenetic hair loss, scarring alopecia, alopecia areata to universalis.

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By actively stimulating the scalp, blood circulation is further promoted and our care products, such as oils or tonic, can develop their nourishing effect even better.

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Read the book on natural help for hair loss by author Gianni Coria and attend one of our online courses to delve deeper into the topic of hair loss and thus gain an understanding of what happens to your hair.

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Founder Gianni Coria about YELASAI

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Hair growth specialists are here for you

Do you know the situation: you look in the mirror and your hair is getting thinner and thinner?

It's not uncommon for people to feel frustrated and have difficulty leaving the house. What can you do about hair loss? You've probably already tried a few things and are only moderately satisfied with the success. This motivated me to develop a hair growth activation concept with my own care series , which stabilizes and promotes your hair growth in a completely natural way.

So that you are not alone with your hair problem, I have founded an international network of hair growth specialists . This means that experts are available in your area to provide you with personal advice and professional support .

Your Gianni Coria

Gianni Coria Logo More about Gianni Coria

Male pattern baldness

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Result after 8 months

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Application Areas

  • Hair loss in women  

    Hair loss in women

    Find support and companionship for thin hair, hair loss, dandruff, even circular hair loss or other hair problems.

  • Hair loss in men  

    Hair loss in men

    Our way to promote hair growth also for receding hairline, hair loss, hairline, baldness as well as as an alternative to or after hair transplants.

  • Hair loss in children  

    Hair loss in children

    Find out more about the reasons why your child suffers from hair loss and about our natural and gentle support to promote hair growth.

  • Hair loss during chemotherapy  

    Hair loss during chemotherapy

    Are you about to undergo chemotherapy, are you currently undergoing it or have already completed treatment? We are at your side with our expertise to maintain or reactivate your vital and beautiful hair.

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  • Natural hair growth product – everyone deserves beautiful hair

    Natural hair growth product – everyone deserves beautiful hair

    Our hair says a lot about your personality, whether you force it or not. Are they short or long, which hairstyle is chosen? Apart from that, they can also be used to determine a person's state of health, as a certain lack of nutrients can of course also become apparent on the outside in the long term. A natural hair growth product will support you on your journey to beautiful hair. A combination of a healthy scalp, the right ingredients in our care products and a vital interior provides the best basis for natural hair growth. Our natural hair growth product accompanies you through everyday life and can support healthy hair growth .

    YELASAI's natural hair growth product combines different benefits that can promote your hair growth with the power of nature. Natural ingredients such as fermented herbs are used for this. We do not use any synthetic substances or fragrances, colors, flavors or preservatives in the innovative composition. An effective means of stimulating hair growth does not necessarily need these ingredients. The natural hair growth product from your new Hair Active Expert YELASAI does not contain any hormones, nanoparticles or petroleum products.

    Stimulate styling and hair growth – buy our natural hair growth product

    A remedy for faster hair growth and even for daily styling? No problem for your hair growth specialist! It's not just care that's important, as conventional hair styling products often contain ingredients that do more harm than good to the hair in the long term. We offer you a Hair Active Styling Gel and a Hair Active Styling Spray – completely tailored to your individual needs. The natural hair gel with herbs is not only the perfect daily companion for optimal care, but also supports your hair growth. The useful and the beautiful are combined for you through our styling products! In combination with YELASAI Ayurveda hair care products, it can have a positive effect on your hair.

    Stimulate hair growth: by any means possible

    The combination of the right nutrients, a possible hair supplement and a natural hair growth product in the form of a shampoo and non-damaging styling products support hair growth on different levels! To make styling even easier: our hair gel can be easily kneaded into the hair and brushed out just as easily. Styling products are often very stubborn when it comes to removing them without washing your hair. But not with us!

    Apart from that, it is possible to reshape the styling gel with the help of a little moisture. Also a big advantage because you don't have to use more product and you remain flexible. You no longer have this problem thanks to the natural ingredients in our YELASAI hair care products - an effective hair growth product for women and men. Our styling products are suitable for children, teenagers and adults. Different hair types are no problem either, as short, long and wavy hair can be styled perfectly. A natural hair growth product that is suitable for the whole family.

  • Stimulate hair growth – naturally and with your own hands

    Stimulate hair growth – naturally and with your own hands

    A natural hair growth product used regularly can support hair growth. But there are other ways to stimulate individual and natural hair growth. In combination with our YELASAI products, another way to promote faster hair growth is to massage the scalp. The slight mechanical stimulus stimulates blood circulation and thus promotes hair growth. You can do this for a few minutes every day, regardless of whether you wash your hair. For example, after waking up or on the couch in the evening. It is important to massage particularly gently and ideally to carry out the massage yourself, as you can best regulate the pressure yourself.

    This type of massage can not only have a positive effect on hair growth, but also has a relaxing effect. In combination with the use of the best hair growth product, you are doing something good for your scalp and hair. As always, however, you have to be consistent. Our natural hair growth product supports you with selected ingredients on the way to naturally full hair, without aggressive additives.

    A natural hair growth product that is suitable for everyone

    Hair loss can have various reasons and affect everyone. Not only women, but also many men are looking for a product that stimulates hair growth. We have created a natural hair growth product that can be used by men as well as women. Natural hair growth products can also play a role for children if they suffer from hair loss as a child for a variety of reasons. The right combination of ingredients is particularly important in this case.

    YELASAI has made it its mission to offer a natural hair growth product that can have a beneficial effect on various reasons for reduced hair growth. We even offer natural hair growth products that can be used for hair loss due to chemotherapy. In addition, you will find an effective hair growth product for men that can be used for receding hairlines. Also a hair growth agent that provides support for early hair loss.

    Our natural hair growth product is suitable for all ages - so everyone can benefit from the benefits of Ayurvedic herbs. YELASAI supports you on the way to naturally beautiful hair.

    Natural hair growth product without hormones

    Hormones are often used in eyelash serums and hair growth products. These are said to stimulate hair growth. However, this is not a natural hair growth product. Hormones regulate almost everything in our body; they are messenger substances that communicate with each other within our body. Even small fluctuations can have greater consequences than one might think at first glance.

    It is therefore important to exercise particular caution here, as you never know how such preparations will work in the long term. The hormones contained in cosmetics are called, among other things, endocrine disruptors. However, this includes not only cosmetics in the traditional sense, but also hair shampoos. Our natural hair growth product does not contain any hormones. We offer you one of the best hair growth products if you want to trust the power of natural ingredients.

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