Gianni Coria und Sven Frank im Interview über YELASAI

Gianni Coria interviewed by Sven Frank about YELASAI

Gianni Coria interviewed by Sven Frank - Managing Director of the ICHP Group of Companies (Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy)

Gianni Coria and Sven Frank in an interview about the natural and sustainable concept from the hair growth specialist for natural hair thickening by reactivating the own hair roots.

In addition to my industrial career (assistant to the management of production and technology in a chemical company), I ran a practice for depth psychological cause research and human accompaniment as a sideline. In 2009, a middle-aged client sought me out because I was recommended to her for her problem with circular hair loss. Imagine, half of her head on the left side was without hair and the few hairs on the right side were used to cover the big hair hole as good as possible. She was left completely alone with her hair problem.

No hairdresser wanted to dye her hair, for fear she could still lose the remaining hair.

She had tried all the classic solutions, but after several failed attempts, she was finally told that she had to live with the hair problem and that there was no help for her. It was all not so bad, just a blemish, she was told. I decided to help my client and go with her. I researched and followed several approaches. With the combination of meridian point stimulation and the application of Ayurvedic products, together we managed to reactivate her hair growth. After 3 months the first small new hairs were visible Already after 8 months the hair hole was closed and after 1.5 years of accompaniment she had stronger hair than in her youth. Motivated by this result, my concept was successfully tested by hairdressers in Switzerland on a wide variety of hair problems. So I decided to spread my acquired knowledge and founded the network of the now internationally known and fast growing holistic concept of the hair growth specialist. Since February 2013, the network has been growing through many positive results across countries through word-of-mouth advertising. Let your hair growth specialist also give you honest and competent advice and professionally analyze your scalp. Learn the reasons for your hair problem, benefit from my research and experience and actively promote and revitalize your scalp. Stay or become happy again with your own, originally naturally beautiful hair. Your Gianni Coria