Haartransplantation - Natürliche Alternative von YELASAI

Hair transplantation - Natural alternative from YELASAI

The hair growth specialist offers a natural alternative to hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is - whether woman or man - for some a help to create a quick thickening of the hair situation. Experience shows that already after a few years the non-transplanted hair continues to fall out. This is because the cause of hair loss has not been solved.

Hair transplantation does not solve the causes of hair loss and is therefore not a sustainable solution to your hair problems. In order to strengthen your own hair again and to reactivate the atrophied hair roots, the hair growth specialist supports and accompanies you.

Are you interested in an alternative to the classic hair transplant? Have you had a hair transplant? Would you like a natural and sustainable hair thickening by activating your own hair roots?

Your hair transplantation can be years ago or at least 3 months after the transplantation the scalp has recovered so that the scalp can be regenerated, vitalized and cared for with the holistically inspired care concept of the hair growth specialist. This is recommended by experienced specialists, so that in the long term and sustainably dense and full hair is maintained. As soon as the hair thins out and more and more scalp is visible, this shows that more and more hair roots are atrophying due to many different circumstances such as incorrect scalp care and the hair follicles are closing more and more. At the hair growth specialist you can have your hair situation precisely analyzed with 50 to 200 times magnification and learn to understand the actual situation. Through holistic scalp and hair care and guidance from the hair growth specialist, your own hair roots will be reactivated and your hair will naturally thicken, strengthen and grow sustainably.

Are you looking for a natural alternative to hair transplantation?

Proper and sustainable scalp care is crucial for the natural preservation and recovery of hair, so that you can enjoy your vital hair splendor in the long term. Let a certified hair growth specialist in your area advise and guide you.