Hair loss: causes, solutions & prognosis

Hair loss is a major psychological burden for many people. Most of those affected do not initially know what is causing the hair loss and whether it is even possible to stop it. This always depends on the individual case: There are various causes that can trigger hair loss. Some of them can be treated well, others cannot.

In this article we will summarize for you what causes hair loss there are and what symptoms they are characterized by. You will also learn how hair loss can be diagnosed and treated. We will also introduce you to what treatment options there are for hair loss and what the prognosis is. We will also show you how YELASAI's natural hair care products can promote your hair growth.

How do I recognize hair loss?

Find out when pathological hair loss occurs and how to recognize it.

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What type of hair loss do I suffer from?

Find out what the most common causes of hair loss are and how they manifest themselves.

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What can cause hair loss?

Get an overview of the most common triggers for hair loss.

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How is hair loss diagnosed?

Find out how doctors diagnose hair loss and what tests are available.

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How do I recognize hair loss?

Many people don't know exactly whether their hair loss is normal or not. Especially with long hair, even a few hairs in the brush or on the pillow can look like a lot.

Basically, everyone loses hair every day. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. If you lose more than 100 hairs per day, you should give your hair and scalp extra care. Then you start to lose more hair than usual and you should try to promote your hair growth with natural care products.

What symptoms should I see a doctor for?

If you suddenly lose more hair than usual, you should monitor the situation for a few weeks. Try caring for your scalp and hair with natural care products, such as YELASAI hair care products. These can help stimulate your hair growth. If you have the feeling that there is a serious illness behind your hair loss, then you should see a doctor.

What type of hair loss do I suffer from?

Not all hair loss is the same. There are different types and causes that manifest themselves in different symptoms. Before hair loss can be treated, the trigger must first be found and, if possible, eliminated.

The causes are varied, which makes it not always easy to identify them. If you have the feeling that you are suffering from hair loss, then you can find out about the different types in this overview:

bild familie haarausfall erblich bedingt

Hereditary hair loss

The most common form of hair loss is hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia or androgenetic hair loss). The hair roots react sensitively to male sex hormones, which leads to increased hair loss. Genetic hair loss affects more men than women and can only be treated to a limited extent.

haarausfall stress ursachen symptome

Stress-related hair loss

If you are under increased stress, your body produces more cortisol. This disrupts hair growth and causes hair to fall out. Hair loss often only occurs two to three months after the triggering event. This form of hair loss affects men and women and can usually be easily treated.

diffuser haarausfall frau ursachen

Diffuse hair loss

In diffuse hair loss, the hair falls out all over the head. They become thinner and the scalp becomes visible, but only a few affected people develop bald spots. Diffuse hair loss can have a variety of reasons and can also stop on its own. Both men and women are affected. Treatment options depend on the cause.

kreisrunder haarausfall ursachen art symptome

Circular hair loss

People who suffer from circular hair loss (alopecia areata) often lose a lot of hair in a short period of time. They sometimes fall out in clumps and bald spots quickly form on the scalp. The triggers are diverse, but have not yet been scientifically clearly clarified. Men and women are equally affected. Treatment is difficult.

haarausfall in den wechseljahren frau ursachen

Hair loss during menopause

During menopause, women can experience hair loss. Many women report hair loss due to the body producing less estrogen. This increases the proportion of testosterone in the blood, which can promote hair loss. Various remedies for hair loss during menopause can help.

corona krank ursache haarausfall

Hair loss after Corona

A corona infection can lead to hair loss in some affected people. Stress during the infection is blamed, among other things, for this. In addition, vascular changes can damage the hair roots.

A variety of causes can lead to hair loss: That's why it's essential to have the trigger clarified. In addition to appropriate therapies, you can also rely on YELASAI hair care products for some forms of hair loss, which we will introduce to you below.

There is another special case for hair loss: many chemotherapy treatments can cause hair loss . This is because the treatment stops cell growth. However, this applies not only to cancer cells, but also to the hair roots. This causes growth to stop and those affected often lose all their hair within a very short period of time.

Would you like to take a closer look at the various causes of hair loss? On our blog you will find informative articles about the individual triggers of hair loss.

What can cause hair loss?

There are a variety of causes and risk factors for hair loss. In the case of hereditary hair loss, for example, there is a predisposition to more sensitive hair roots. During menopause it is the changing hormone levels. Not all types of hair loss have yet been clearly explained by science.

However, some risk factors for hair loss have been proven:

medikamente medizin tabletten pillen haarausfall


Certain medications can cause hair loss. These include blood pressure lowering drugs, anticoagulants or lipid-lowering drugs.

schilddruese ursache haarausfall hals yelasai

Metabolic diseases

The thyroid can also cause hair loss. This can occur with untreated hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

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Acute poisoning with heavy metals can lead to hair loss. These include arsenic and thallium.

mangelernährung blass krank frau haarausfall


Hair loss occurs due to various deficiency symptoms. A deficiency of vitamin D, the B vitamins or vitamin H (biotin) can lead to hair loss.

infektionskrankheit husten haarausfall ursache

Infectious diseases

Some infectious diseases, such as scarlet fever, severe flu or tuberculosis, are other causes of hair loss.

As you can see, hair loss can be caused by various diseases and situations. It is important that you clarify which specific causes are possible for you. Hair loss can also have serious triggers.

Hair loss due to nutrient deficiency

Problems with skin and hair are often the first signs of a micronutrient deficiency. Many micronutrients are particularly important for our skin, hair and nails. To ensure that they not only remain healthy but also beautiful, the nutrients should be supplied to the body in sufficient quantities. Vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C are particularly important.

How is hair loss diagnosed in women and men?

If you have the feeling that you are suffering from pathological hair loss that has not improved with your hair care products, then a visit to the doctor can clear things up. First, tell them how your hair growth has changed. This then has various options for determining the causes.

In many cases, a blood test is carried out first. This can provide information about whether your thyroid is working properly and whether you are deficient in important nutrients.

Since hair loss often runs in families, your doctor will probably ask you whether your relatives also suffer from hair loss. This can be an indicator of genetic hair loss. Further medical history also includes the question of whether you have recently taken new medication or been in a very stressful phase.

There are also various tests that can be used to identify the exact causes of hair loss. Doctors can use the plucking test, in which around 60 hairs are grabbed as a tuft. The doctor then gently pulls on it and sees how much hair comes off. Trichometry may also be performed to diagnose hair loss.

Doctors usually find out what is causing the hair loss. Specific medical therapy can then begin.

haarausfall männer ursachen symptome yelasai produkte
haarausfall männer ursachen symptome yelasai produkte
haarausfall frauen symptome ursachen yelasai produkte
haarausfall frauen symptome ursachen yelasai produkte

Why can it be difficult to find the cause of hair loss?

For some sufferers, hair loss can be easily diagnosed - for others it can be more difficult. This is mainly because the hair usually only falls out two to three months after the triggering event. If you have taken medication or suffered from a lot of stress, it will only become noticeable a few months later. If some time has passed, those affected do not always remember possible triggers, which complicates the diagnosis.

Therapy for hair loss: What helps?

Hair loss can have many causes - which is why there are various treatment options. If there is a nutrient deficiency, high-dose nutritional supplements can be taken or the diet can be changed after consultation with a doctor. If you have problems with your thyroid, your doctor will prescribe appropriate hormones.

However, treatment is not so straightforward for all types of hair loss. There are currently not too many options, especially for circular hair loss and genetic hair loss. We introduce you to the current treatment options:

blutsenker haarausfall ursache yelasai tabletten


The antihypertensive drug minoxidil is prescribed for hereditary hair loss. It can grow new hair and alleviate hair loss. However, side effects can include redness of the scalp, itching, headaches and many more and should be used for life.

cortison haarwuchsmittel salbe haarausfall


Ointments containing cortisone are said to help with circular hair loss. These are applied to the scalp and are intended to stimulate hair growth. For most people affected there are no immediately visible side effects.

beratung arzt haartransplantation haarausfall

Hair transplant

Having a full head of hair is of great importance to many people. When conventional treatments such as tablets and ointments do not help, more and more sufferers are choosing a hair transplant as a solution. In this procedure, hair roots are transplanted to fill bald areas with hair. However, it is important to note that a hair transplant is expensive and not ideal for people with gluten intolerance as it can promote inflammation of the transplanted hair and may affect hair regrowth.

Haarpflege dünne und feine Haare – lange Haare - YELASAI

Our recommendation, use YELASAI hair care products

Stopping hair loss is not always possible. We at YELASAI offer you various hair care products that promote your natural hair growth. This allows you to get fuller hair and optimally care for your hair and scalp.

Most medications only have a temporary effect and can only slow hair loss.

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haarausfall frauen männer symptome ursachen yelasai produkte

What is the prognosis after hair loss treatment?

In some cases, hair may grow back if it has fallen out. This is always the case if the cause can be remedied. If stress or medication caused the hair loss, the hair will probably grow back again.

This also applies after chemotherapy: Once the treatment is complete, hair growth starts again. As a rule, the first hairs come back after a few weeks. Both the color and the structure can differ from the hair you were used to before.

The prognosis for different types of hair loss is not always positive. In the case of androgenetic hair loss, which is hereditary, the progress can often only be slowed down. It is important to note that lifestyle changes may be necessary to promote hair regrowth.

If you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair, then proper care is particularly important. This not only applies to your hair, but also to your scalp. We at YELASAI offer you suitable, natural-based hair care products as well as various tips and important information.

Not sure what hair care products you need? Then please contact the YELASAI hair growth specialists in your area . They offer you professional care advice with valuable product recommendations.

You are also welcome to sign up for our newsletter: This will provide you with valuable background knowledge on the subject of hair loss, how you can prevent it and how the ingredients in our products should work. As a thank you for registering, you will receive a comprehensive user brochure with important information from us.


How do YELASAI hair care products help with hair loss?

YELASAI offers you a wide range of hair care products that can help with hair loss. We rely on natural active ingredients and consciously avoid chemical or synthetic substances. These could harm you and your body, or further irritate your scalp.

If you want to promote your natural hair growth, we recommend our study-proven Ayurveda Hair Active Tonic . It can reactivate your hair roots and cells. This can make your hair appear stronger and more voluminous. You can use the tonic when hair loss begins, before, during or after chemotherapy or for a receding hairline.

You can use our Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo to clean your hair regularly. It gently cleanses your hair and scalp. It is said to give more volume, strength and fullness. It is ideal for beginning hair loss, thin hair and a receding hairline. If you have hair loss due to medication, then the shampoo can also help.

To optimally care for your scalp, we recommend various hair care products from YELASAI. An example of this is our Ayurveda Scalp Active Peeling . This natural scalp peeling gently cleanses and removes dead skin. It is also particularly suitable for shiny or oily scalps. An alternative option is our Ayurveda Skin & Scalp Active Enzyme Peeling , which we especially recommend when hair loss begins. With these products you can give your scalp the attention it deserves.

To strengthen your hair from the inside, you can take our Hair Active Caps . They provide your body with, among other things, zinc, biotin and selenium. These nutrients are particularly important to promote vital hair growth.

Frequently asked questions about hair loss and the causes of hair loss

Anyone who suffers from hair loss should look into the issue intensively. This can help you understand connections and find the right hair care products for your hair situation. In this chapter we answer various questions that are often asked about hair loss.

The trigger for hair loss can look very different. It can be genetic, caused by medication or menopause. In addition, stress can also be a trigger for hair loss. Research has not yet been able to find out exactly how circular hair loss occurs.

When hair loss occurs, various vitamins can be missing: These include vitamin A, the B vitamins or vitamin H (biotin). If you don't have enough of these vitamins in your body, it can have a negative impact on your hair growth. Consult your doctor and take nutritional supplements if necessary.

What helps against hair loss depends entirely on the cause. If hair loss is caused by stress, hormones or a malfunction of the thyroid, it can be treated with medication. However, if it is hereditary, there are only a few medications that can help against hair loss. We recommend that you rely on active scalp care to promote the vitality of the scalp and create optimal conditions for hair growth.

Hair loss is normal if you lose around 100 hairs per day. This is a healthy level that indicates vital hair growth. Only when you lose significantly more hair should you have the cause clarified. This also applies if your hair suddenly falls out in clumps or you develop bald spots.

Hair loss in women can be caused by hormones. During pregnancy, after childbirth or during menopause, the hormonal balance changes enormously. This can lead to hair loss. In addition, stress, medication or a hereditary predisposition can also lead to hair loss in women.

You can stop hair loss by eliminating the cause. If you are very stressed, you can feel better with relaxation exercises. If you have an underactive thyroid, medication can stop hair loss. However, not all types of hair loss can be stopped with medicine. This applies, for example, to hereditary hair loss.

Our conclusion: Support your hair in the event of hair loss with YELASAI products

If you suffer from hair loss, special care products can help strengthen your hair. Although they cannot stop hair loss, they can often stimulate hair growth and make the appearance of your hair fuller. That is exactly our mission at YELASAI.

We specialize in developing natural hair care products that strengthen hair roots and can nourish your scalp with a broad spectrum of nutrients even in the event of hair loss. Our range includes a wide selection of hair care products that gently cleanse and revitalize hair and scalp.

Feel free to take a look around our online shop and find the right products for your hair situation.