Hair loss after corona: cause & treatment of hair loss due to Covid

An infection with Covid-19 is a great strain on the body. Many affected people complain about persistent symptoms even after they have overcome the illness. Long Covid is associated, among other things, with fatigue, poor performance and persistent loss of taste and smell. Another symptom can be hair loss.

Many people report that they experience hair loss weeks after the infection and sometimes even lose their hair in clumps. In this article we will explain to you how hair loss occurs after Corona, what symptoms it shows and how it can be treated. You will also find out how YELASAI care products can support your hair growth after a corona infection.

How does hair loss manifest itself after Corona?

Find out here the symptoms of hair loss after an infection with Covid-19.

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How does Corona cause hair loss?

Find out how coronavirus can cause hair loss.

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Will Covid or Long-Covid permanently damage my hair follicles?

Find out whether hair loss after Corona is reversible and when hair growth will start again.

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Is there a treatment for hair loss after Corona?

Find out about the different treatment options for hair loss after Covid illness.

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How does hair loss manifest itself after Corona?

Studies have shown that there is actually a connection between Corona and hair loss. Some affected people begin to lose hair around six to eight weeks after the infection. Experts contradict whether the severity of the corona disease has an influence on the subsequent hair loss.

Hair loss after Corona can be divided into different categories:

mann diffuser haarausfall ansatz

Diffuse hair loss

With diffuse hair loss, those affected lose more and more hair all over their head. This generally makes them look thinner and the scalp can show through over time.

Circular hair loss

With this type of hair loss, bald patches form on the head. Over time, the hairless circles become larger and larger. Circular hair loss is currently difficult to treat.

Scarring alopecia

Cicatricial alopecia causes severe inflammation of the scalp. The subsequent scarring is very unpleasant because the hair can no longer grow out.

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Mixed hair loss

In some patients, hair falls out without a specific pattern. A combination of the types of hair loss already presented can also occur.

What exactly hair loss looks like after Corona cannot be summarized in general terms. Rather, those affected report very individual progressions. For a long time, hair loss as a side effect of a corona infection was not really given much attention. The focus of the research was rather on the far more serious and sometimes even life-threatening side effects of the disease.

Over time, however, reports of hair loss after Corona have increased and experts have started to research the connections.

Are there different symptoms for men and women?

Hair loss after Corona manifests itself differently in men and women. Bald spots often form in men - this mainly affects the beard and the hair on the head. Women, on the other hand, are significantly more likely to suffer from hair loss after Corona. Typically, there are small, painful areas on the head where the hair falls out. This often results in very severe diffuse hair loss.

How does Corona cause hair loss?

The hair growth specialists at YELASAI continue to observe hair loss in their customers after a COVID SARS2 illness, in addition to fatigue, poor performance, persistent loss of taste and smell, e.g. T. in clumps.

In medicine we speak of Long COVID or Post COVID syndrome in people who have survived the illness but still do not feel healthy. Even after the COVID vaccination, brittle, brittle hair and hair loss are reported.

The COVID disease leads, among other things, to inflammation of the vessel walls (endotheliitis), which can occur in the lung capillaries and in general in all vessels.

The vascular inflammation can lead to a multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) (inflammation of multiple organs) - even in organ systems that were not primarily affected by the virus and thus also in the vessels of the hair roots. This was proven in a study published in 2020. In addition to inflammatory and urticarial (allergic) skin diseases, hair loss due to vascular inflammation is also described.

These vascular changes damage the hair roots. They are no longer adequately supplied with nutrients and oxygen. As a result, the hair roots lack the energy to maintain hair growth. You therefore move from the growth phase to the shedding phase and the hair thins. This causes telogen effluvium, the increased hair loss after Corona, to begin.

The observation of the hair growth specialists is therefore understandable and explainable. Integrated into the holistic application concept of the hair growth specialists and, if necessary, supplemented by holistic treatment by doctors and alternative practitioners, there could be a chance of improving the functions of the immune system and organism.

Another explanation is that a corona infection is associated with great stress for those affected. This can also trigger or at least promote hair loss.

Connection between Corona and autoimmune diseases

Studies have shown that a corona infection can trigger autoimmune diseases. The immune system no longer functions properly and the body's own cells are mistakenly attacked. This can also apply to hair follicles. Your body's defenses attack the follicles, disrupting the growth cycle. As a result, Long-Covid causes hair loss.

Will Covid or Long-Covid permanently damage my hair follicles?

For most patients, hair loss after Corona is only temporary. For some sufferers, hair loss lasts for a few weeks and then stops again. However, this is not always the case: If the hair follicles and hair roots are severely damaged, the lost hair may no longer grow back. In around 10 percent of all cases, hair loss becomes chronic.

To prevent it from getting that far, you should choose suitable hair care. Your hair and scalp needed intensive care after the infection. You can find these in the natural hair care products from YELASAI and our hair growth specialists near you . Our experts offer you professional care advice and recommend the right care for your scalp and hair.

Our products can reactivate your hair roots and thus provide more volume and fullness in the long term. If you suffer from an inflamed scalp after a corona infection, natural care ingredients can have an additional calming effect.

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Does hair loss occur after vaccination or only after a corona infection?

In most cases, hair loss occurs after a corona infection. A few weeks later the hair begins to fall out.

However, there are also patients who report hair loss after a corona vaccination. We at YELASAI have observed that vaccinations can be associated with hair loss.

Experts also suspect an inflammatory reaction in the body as the cause. How long this will last cannot be said in general terms. If you notice initial inflammation on your scalp, you should care for it gently to prevent hair loss after a corona vaccination.

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Is there a treatment for hair loss after Corona?

Hair loss only occurs when the corona infection has been overcome. This usually begins around six to twelve weeks after the illness. Those affected initially see no connection between Covid and their hair loss. If you had a Covid infection one or two months ago, then this could well be the trigger for your hair loss.

As soon as the hair root recovers, hair growth returns to normal in many cases. That's why strengthening the hair roots is a good treatment method for hair loss after a corona vaccination or infection.

The natural hair care products from YELASAI can support you. They promote your hair roots and can also be used for inflamed scalps to provide your scalp and hair with nourishing nutrients that contribute to vital hair growth.

What is PRP therapy?

A therapy called PRP can also be used to treat hair loss. This is an autologous blood treatment. To do this, blood is first taken from the patient, from which the blood plasma (PRP) is isolated. It is then injected into the scalp, where it can stimulate the body's own regeneration processes.

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Support your hair growth after a corona infection with YELASAI hair care products

To strengthen your hair and scalp after a corona illness or vaccination, we recommend the natural hair care products from YELASAI. Our products contain a variety of herbal care ingredients that soothe your skin and promote hair growth. They are also free of fragrances, colors, flavors and preservatives, hormones, nanoparticles and petroleum products.

To alleviate hair loss after a corona vaccination or infection, you can also use our study-proven Ayurveda Hair Active Tonic . It promotes natural hair growth and can reactivate your hair roots. You can also use it if you start to lose hair or have thin hair. If you suffer from diffuse hair loss and the first receding hairline is forming, then care for your scalp with our hair growth product.

To clean your hair, you can also use our Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo . It offers you gentle cleaning without silicones and can provide more volume, strength and fullness. The shampoo gently nourishes your hair and scalp and is also ideal if hair loss begins after a corona vaccination or infection.

Our Ayurveda Hair Active Herbal Masque is a valuable care option even for minor inflammations on the scalp. The mask contains Indian herbs and is based on an old recipe that intensively nourishes your hair and scalp and soothes irritated skin.

Our conclusion: Support your hair and scalp if you lose hair due to the coronavirus

An infection with Corona can cause hair loss a few weeks later. If this is the case for you, then you should supply your hair and scalp with valuable nutrients and care for them gently. You can use the natural hair care products from YELASAI.

Our wide product range offers you a large selection of products for a wide variety of hair situations. After a corona illness, caring for the scalp is particularly important.

Feel free to browse through our online shop and find the right products for your hair situation.