Hair loss during chemotherapy: symptoms, course & prognosis

Chemotherapy puts an enormous strain on the body. A particularly common side effect is hair loss. Both head and other body hair fall out as a result of the therapy, which is often an additional burden for those affected. After treatment, the hair usually grows back. However, this may take a while.

In this article we will summarize for you why hair loss occurs as a side effect of chemotherapy, how it progresses and how many people are affected by it. We will also show you how YELASAI hair care products can strengthen your hair before, during or after chemotherapy and promote hair growth.

How does chemotherapy cause hair loss?

Find out why hair loss occurs as a side effect of chemotherapy.

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What causes hair loss during cancer therapy?

Find out how severe hair loss is during chemotherapy and how it progresses.

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What can I do if I have hair loss during chemo?

Find out what you can do if you experience hair loss during chemotherapy.

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How can YELASAI hair care products help with hair loss due to chemotherapy?

Find out which products from YELASAI can help with hair loss and promote your hair growth.

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How does chemotherapy cause hair loss?

Hair roots consist of living cells. They become keratinized and regrowing cells push the hair out of the skin. Cancer drugs prevent a cancer cell from dividing, which is intended to curb the disease.

However, the therapy has severe side effects because it also damages other cells. Among other things, the hair root cells are affected. They can no longer grow properly and the hair falls out.

Do all cancer drugs cause hair loss?

No, not all drugs used in chemotherapy (cytostatics) lead to hair loss. The treating doctor can inform you in advance whether hair loss is to be expected due to chemotherapy or not. Medications administered through the veins generally cause more severe side effects than those taken orally. The higher the dosage, the higher the risk of hair loss due to chemotherapy.

What causes hair loss during cancer therapy?

Hair loss due to cancer and chemotherapy usually occurs very quickly. The first sign can be increased sensitivity of the scalp. The hair then slowly begins to become thinner. Shortly after starting treatment, hair may begin to fall out. This can happen in clumps, so that within a few days or weeks only a few hairs remain. It primarily affects hair in the anagen phase, while hair in the telogen phase only falls out months later.

It's not just the hair on the head that falls out: the eyebrows, eyelashes and beard hair are also affected. This also applies to body and pubic hair.

When hair falls out, it is often very stressful for those affected. This is mainly because hair loss caused by chemotherapy can lead to baldness within a very short period of time.

Do those affected lose all their hair due to chemotherapy?

Many cancer patients lose all the hair on their head and the rest of their body due to chemotherapy. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case: some medications can, for example, cause diffuse hair loss or slowed hair growth. It is difficult to make general statements about how hair loss will progress in the case of cancer.

Hair loss due to cancer: When will hair grow back?

If hair loss begins during chemotherapy, those affected often lose all their hair in a very short time. However, this development is usually reversible: once cancer therapy is complete, the hair grows back again.

With certain illnesses and chemotherapy, hair can grow back after just a few weeks. It may well be that the new hair looks different than before. Many sufferers describe that their hair is a different color or even has a different texture. This can be temporary or permanent.

Three to six months after therapy, the hair usually grows back completely. Most of those affected do not experience permanent damage. However, in around 5 percent the hair no longer grows back after chemotherapy.

Would you like to offer your hair and scalp specific care during this phase?
At YELASAI we specialize in developing gentle hair care products that can promote hair growth during and after chemotherapy. Among other things, we offer a hair care set specially designed for people during or after chemotherapy.

Haarpflege bei Chemotherapie – Jugendliche und Erwachsene lange Haare - YELASAI

Our hair care set for people after chemotherapy

This set provides your hair and scalp with nourishing nutrients. These can help reactivate your hair growth after chemotherapy.

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Can patients undergoing cancer therapy prevent hair loss?

There is currently no proven method to completely prevent hair loss during cancer and chemotherapy. The first priority is to fight the disease so that you can get well again.

If you are facing chemotherapy, then Ideally, you should visit a hair growth specialist two to three weeks before the start of your therapy or, ideally, immediately after diagnosis.

Depending on the chemotherapy, we cannot (yet) prevent hair loss. Thanks to the intensive support, the scalp can remain supple and elastic. This gives the hair the opportunity to become more firmly anchored and to grow continuously, even during medical treatment. And if hair loss occurs, we will concentrate together on promoting vital hair growth. Our experience shows that in the case of breast cancer, hair growth usually starts again around 75 days after the first chemotherapy thanks to our active scalp care. In the case of uterine cancer, hair growth can begin again after around 45 days. Please also note the experience reports on chemotherapy and radiation therapy on our website.

Many cancer patients also report that detailed information in advance helps them. The treating doctor can inform you about what side effects to expect from your chemotherapy and how high the risk of hair loss is.

In this context, psychological support can also be useful. This not only applies to dealing with hair loss, but also with cancer.

Some sufferers also want to shave their hair before hair loss occurs due to cancer and treatment. Talk to the doctor who is carrying out your treatment and seek help if necessary. If someone wants to shave their hair short, we recommend a great short haircut with scissors. About 10-14 days after the first chemotherapy, when the hair begins to break off, we recommend just brushing the scalp and hair, even if it takes an hour. This brushing allows the hair to grow back more quickly.

Is hair loss a good sign during chemo?

There is no general answer as to whether hair loss is a good sign during chemo. Whether cancer therapy is successful or not cannot be judged by hair loss. Only the shrinking of a tumor is an indicator that the therapy is working. So the statement that hair loss during chemo is a good sign is not true.

Scarf, wig, etc.: What can I do if I lose my hair during chemo?

Hair usually falls out one to three weeks after starting chemotherapy. Many of those affected do not feel comfortable with this and therefore turn to hair replacement to conceal the hair loss.

There are now a variety of contact points for this. You can go to a specialized hairdresser or a wig studio. There you will receive a wig that suits you and will help you feel more comfortable. Artificial or real hair differs not only in appearance, but also in price and the amount of care required. It's best to get professional advice about which model is right for you.

In addition, many affected people use hats and scarves to protect their scalp. This is particularly important in order to minimize heat loss through the scalp at low temperatures.

Hair loss during chemotherapy: How can YELASAI hair care products help?

Hair loss due to cancer can be an enormous burden. No matter whether before, during or after
cancer therapy, through active scalp care this can be done
Hair growth resumes faster. YELASAI products can support you here. Our products deliver valuable
Nutrients that can promote vital hair growth.

We founded the ONCOHAIRCARE initiative, which supports patients after a cancer diagnosis. We accompany you and your hair in various phases. We will advise you if you are about to undergo chemotherapy and would like to care for your hair as a precaution if you have lost all your hair due to chemo or if it is just starting to grow again.

Numerous products in our range are also suitable for patients before, during and after chemotherapy. These include the Ayurveda Hair Active Spray . It can provide your hair and scalp with extra moisture. The Ayurveda Hair & Scalp Active Oil can also be massaged into the scalp. This can be dry and irritated due to chemotherapy. The oil is intended to gently care for the scalp.

YELASAI not only offers products suitable for hair and scalp, but also for the entire body. With the Ayurveda Lash Active Tonic your eyelashes can grow back faster. The natural ingredients are intended to stimulate growth. The valuable Corialith alkaline bath cleanses your skin alkaline and is intended to support the natural function of the skin barrier.

Not sure which product would be best for you? Then get professional advice from our YELASAI hair growth specialists in your area .

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Our conclusion: Support your hair and scalp after chemotherapy with care from YELASAI

If you have lost your hair due to chemotherapy, you can promote vital growth with YELASAI hair care products. They moisturize and provide your hair and scalp with many valuable nutrients.

Our natural product range offers you a wide variety of products that can support you before, during or after cancer therapy. We have put together a complete set for you that contains products that can reactivate hair growth during chemotherapy.

Many affected people ask themselves when it is advisable to consult a hair growth specialist with additional ONCOHAIRCARE training. This can be helpful in various situations:

Are you still facing chemotherapy or radiation therapy? Ideally, you should visit a hair growth specialist 2 to 3 weeks before your therapy or, ideally, immediately after diagnosis. By accompanying a specially developed Ayurveda scalp massage with the coordinated hair root-strengthening care products, the scalp can remain supple and elastic while the hair continues to grow.

Are you already experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation therapy?

Your hair growth specialist can advise and support you so that your hair grows back much faster, even during your medical treatment.

You no longer have hair growth after chemotherapy or radiation therapy?

In up to 5 percent of cases, hair no longer grows back after chemotherapy or radiation therapy, even after years. Your hair growth specialist can show you how to reactivate the hair roots.

Strong hair growth after chemotherapy and thin, weak hair 2 to 3 years later? Some sufferers have strong hair growth after chemotherapy and a few years later the hair is thin, weak and fallen out again. By properly caring for your scalp and hair, your hair growth specialist will accompany you back to new, vital hair.