Alopecia areata: causes & treatment of circular hair loss

Circular hair loss (alopecia areata) is a form of hair loss in which a large amount of hair falls out within a very short period of time and bald spots appear. This causes one or more circular hairless areas to form, which can spread further without appropriate treatment and care. How severe the hair loss is varies among those affected. However, it is not uncommon for the beard or eyebrows and body hair to be affected in addition to the hair on the head.

In this article we have compiled all the important information about circular hair loss for you. You will find out how to recognize it, what causes it can have and what treatment options are available. We will also show you how the natural hair care products from YELASAI can support you with this sensitive hair problem, circular hair loss.

What is circular hair loss and what are its symptoms?

Find out about alopecia areata and what symptoms the disease causes.

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What are possible causes of circular hair loss?

Find out what causes circular hair loss and how it occurs.

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Is there any therapy or treatment for circular hair loss?

Find out how alopecia areata is treated by conventional medicine and when it makes sense to see a doctor about it.

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How can YELASAI care products help you with circular hair loss?

Find out how YELASAI's natural hair care products can also be used for circular hair loss and care for your scalp and hair.

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What is circular hair loss and what are its symptoms?

Those affected by circular hair loss (alopecia areata) develop round bald patches on the head. The hair falls out in strong spurts starting from the middle, forming circles.

The scalp hair does not always have to be affected: circular hair loss can also occur in other areas where hair grows. This applies to the beard, eyebrows, eyelashes or other areas with body hair.

Many reports of circular hair loss show that round or oval, sometimes completely bald areas form. These areas are usually smooth and show increased forms of secretions at the pores of the hair ducts.

Who is affected by circular hair loss?

Circular hair loss (alopecia areata) occurs in men and women. Both adults and children can be affected, with young adults appearing to be at particularly high risk. Many people are affected by this form of hair loss over the course of their lives: around one to two in 100 people suffer from circular hair loss over the years. Men suffer from circular hair loss slightly more often than women.

How does circular hair loss occur?

Circular hair loss only follows a fixed pattern to a limited extent and is therefore difficult to predict. As a rule, massive hair loss occurs within a very short period of time, making round bald spots visible on the head or other affected area.

In many cases, circular hair loss heals on its own. After a while it just stops and the hair starts growing again. However, if the hair grows back, changes can occur. For some affected people, the hair is initially white or colorless before it changes to its usual hair color.

Circular hair loss (alopecia areata) manifests itself identically in men and women. In general, reports of circular hair loss show that the prognosis for recovery is significantly better in children than in adults.

What are possible causes of circular hair loss?

In order to successfully treat circular hair loss, it is first important to identify the exact cause. However, there is a problem: research has not yet been able to clearly explain why circular hair loss occurs.

However, there are some possible triggers that are discussed from a medical perspective:

krankheit kreisrunder haarausfall yelasai

Autoimmune diseases

According to current research, it is likely that circular hair loss is an inflammatory reaction to a possible autoimmune disease. Hair growth is disrupted, which weakens the hair roots.

genetische veranlagung kreisrunder haarausfall yelasai

Genetic predisposition

Experience reports of circular hair loss show that it can run in families. This is the case for around 10 to 25 percent of those affected.

erkankungen kreisrunder haarausfall yelasai

Atopic diseases

Circular hair loss is often associated with atopic diseases. These include neurodermatitis, hay fever and house dust mite allergies. Long-term use of cortisone could play a role here.

personen streiten haarausall stress ursache

Intense stress

By accompanying people, it was discovered that various life experiences can promote circular hair loss. Examples of this are sudden separations, fear of a separation, existential fears, etc.

The medical theory that circular hair loss is an autoimmune reaction is currently considered the most likely. The immune system not only attacks viruses and bacteria. It can also fight your own body. This attacks the hair roots, causing hair growth to stop. This causes the roots to enter a kind of dormant state, causing the hair to fall out.

Is there any therapy or treatment for circular hair loss?

If the affected hair area is not too large and does not worry you, it is advisable to wait and observe the development of the hair situation. In such cases, it can make sense to care for the scalp and hair with mild care products. However, if the circular hair loss is very worrying, we recommend seeing a doctor. Show him the affected area and wait for his examinations. Doctors can perform various tests to rule out an autoimmune disease, for example, in which the immune system could be responsible for hair loss. For most people, circular hair loss (alopecia areata) goes away on its own after six to twelve months. If this is not the case, you can test the following treatment options in consultation with your doctor:

salbe kreisrunder haarausfall yelasai


Many sufferers use ointments that contain cortisone. The active ingredient is said to stimulate hair growth and thus make bald spots disappear. A local injection of cortisone is also an option.

tabletten kreisrunder haarausfall yelasai


The substance is used for various forms of hair loss. It increases blood circulation in the scalp and is said to stimulate hair growth.

arztgespraech kreisrunder haarausfall yelasai


With this topical immunotherapy, the highly concentrated active ingredient is applied to the bald areas. This causes inflammation of the skin, which attracts certain immune cells. These are said to promote hair growth. However, at the end of therapy, many of those affected experience a relapse.

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How can YELASAI hair care products support those affected by alopecia areata?

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Our conclusion: Promote your natural hair growth with YELASAI hair care products

Circular hair loss (alopecia areata) can be associated with considerable suffering for those affected. Although the exact causes are not yet fully understood, there are care products that are gentle on the scalp and hair and can promote natural hair growth. With the gentle care products from YELASAI you can support natural hair growth and give your hair more strength and volume. Our products are based exclusively on natural ingredients and consciously avoid chemicals. Discover our product range and see for yourself the gentle hair care from YELASAI.