Androgenetischer Haarausfall bei einem jungen Mann nach 6 Monaten

Androgenetic hair loss

Androgenetic hair loss to baldness in men (alopecia androgenetica)

Androgenetic hair loss - For the past 6 months, this 19-year-old client has been guided in his active scalp care by hair growth specialist Stefanie Kritsch of Curly Hairdressers. Thank you so much for allowing us to share the pictures.

Results through 6 months of active scalp care accompanied by Curly Hairstylists, meaning salon and home treatments.

Please note that the speed of results varies from person to person.

The cause of hereditary hair loss in men, as with any hair loss, is a hormonal change in the body. In this case, this represents a hypersensitivity of the hair roots to the hormone DHT.

The widespread misconception here is that "inherited hair loss" is something that cannot be escaped.

However, this is not true. If the hair roots are strengthened, the hair can continue to grow even with this "genetic weakness".

We do not promise you miracles, but thanks to our hand-picked products and specially designed head massage for hair growth activation, good to excellent hair results are achieved almost one hundred percent.