Beratung bei Haarausfall in Zürich: Biljana Tobler

Hair loss consultation in Zurich: Biljana Tobler

Advice for hair loss can offer Biljana Tobler of Hair Vital in Zurich with many years of experience. She is a natural hairdresser and hair therapist and, as a hair growth specialist, has already been able to realize some very pleasing results for customers with a wide range of hair problems.

Biljana Tobler is a specialist for hair loss and natural hair care in Zurich.

"I only work with products that bring results," says Biljana Tobler, who has many years of experience as a natural hairdresser and has worked extensively on holistic lifestyle issues such as nutrition, acid-base regulation, skin care as well as hair growth. When Gianni Coria, the founder of the company YELASAI and inventor of the hair growth specialist, introduced her to the holistic concept for the natural reactivation of one's own hair roots, Biljana Tobler already had a wealth of experience about methods and products for hair growth. But she wasn't 100% convinced by any of them at the time. "With YELASAI, I was convinced by the philosophy of the holistic concept, which consists of Ayurvedic meridian point stimulation, natural care products and high-quality nutritional supplements." But the experienced natural hairdresser was critical: "First I tried the products on myself, because I suffered from hormonally induced hair loss from 50 and already had quite thinning areas on the front of my head. The effect of the products convinced me after a short time!" And so, in April 2013, Biljana Tobler completed the training as a hair growth specialist and immediately applied the knowledge in her natural hairdressing salon.

Obesity, stress and hair frizz as causes of hair problems.

In February 2014, a young man in his early 30s contacted her. Biljana Tobler recalls "The young gentleman was severely overweight from years of consuming junk food and suffered from severe stress levels during an intense training period. He also complained about his hair condition, which consisted of only a fringe of hair. To improve this hair condition, the client had already tried many different products, none of which produced lasting results. "At the initial appointment, we started with a comprehensive initial consultation, as I do with all my clients. Lifestyle, nutrition, stress factors, acid-base balance as well as the quality of the currently applied care products are addressed," Biljana Tobler tells. The experienced natural hairdresser works according to a holistic approach, where Hildegard von Bingen was a great teacher for her. "Hair and skin problems result in many people from an over-acidification of the body which is favored by wrong nutrition, psychological stress, medication or a disturbance of the hormone balance such as the birth control pill in women. To neutralize these acids, the body needs minerals. If it doesn't get them from food, it obtains them from connective tissue and bones, which has negative consequences for skin and hair." Today in June 2015, the client can already enjoy 2cm more hair, which had grown from the bottom to the top and from the outside to the inside. And many more fine new hairs are also visible. "With the scalp camera with 200x magnification, we analyzed the condition of the scalp, which was heavily slagged, shiny and partially inflamed. We then started the scalp massage, " which Ms. Tobler recommends weekly for 3 months and then once a month. "My client regularly photographed his hair situation with his cell phone to record the progress pictorially. Based on his individual situation, YELASAI products were selected, which he used regularly as well as my recommendation to brush the scalp daily with a boar bristle brush. According to Biljana Tobler, the hairbrush is "the smallest fitness center for the scalp. I recommend 100 brushing strokes a day with a boar bristle brush of the best quality" As a further positive effect of Biljana Tobler's holistic advice, the young man can now enjoy a normal weight.

Consultation for hair loss, dandruff and neurodermatitis

In June 2014, Biljana Tobler consulted a 34-year-old woman from Zurich who suffered from neurodermatitis, slaggy scalp, weak hair, severe hair loss, dandruff, receding hairline and hair breakage due to chemical hair dyeing. She also complained of intestinal problems, especially flatulence. Biljana Tobler recommended the young woman a weekly scalp massage for 3 months, the use of YELASAI hair care products, a change in diet and the intake of the dolomite powder CORIALITH, an acid-base regulation and a change to plant hair color. After just 3 months, the hair had a beautiful shine and was supple again. "Today, one year later, the client is very happy because she has strong, strong and full hair again. She no longer has hair loss and the intestinal problems have also improved. "Even the warts on her feet have disappeared" Biljana Tobler is pleased. Education about the function of skin and hair is a big part of Biljana Tobler's consultation: "The skin is the largest organ and toxins are absorbed through the entire skin, transported further and thus burden the body. Reducing synthetic ingredients that the body can't process creates an optimal foundation for skin and hair regeneration."

Fine and chemically dyed hair Advice on hair loss was also sought by the sports teacher who came to Hair Vital in April 2014 with hair breakage due to chemical hair dye and very fine hair. In addition, the young woman in her late 20s had a vitamin B12 deficiency, which was detected by a TCM doctor during a parallel consultation. After a year in the Hair Growth Specialist program, the woman can now enjoy strong, healthy, shiny hair again - and she is happy to wear it back in her natural hair color. According to Biljana Tobler, all people have the same starting point in terms of health. Therefore, the expert takes into account a wide variety of factors in her professional advice with a holistic approach. "The path to improvement is not time-consuming: One drinks and eats anyway and uses cosmetics or hygiene products daily. You just have to replace these means and products with quality and natural products - after all, the application time remains the same."

Advice for hair loss and dry scalp

These recommendations were also taken into account by the Chinese TCM doctor who came to Biljana Tobler in February 2014. The woman in her mid-50s suffered from severe hair loss and already had many light spots on the top of her head, so that the scalp was partly clearly visible. In addition, the scalp was very dry due to years of chemical dyeing. After a year of using the YELASAI concept with regular massages, the use of natural hair care products, daily hair brushing and discontinuation of chemical hair color, the customer has been enjoying full, strong and natural hair again since January 2015.

No hair growth after chemotherapy

The concept of the hair growth specialist is the first method that helps patients undergoing chemotherapy to keep their natural hair. Or as in the case of a lady from Zurich, mid 70's. 2.5 years ago she lost all her hair after chemotherapy. Like 5% of all chemotherapy patients, she was affected by the fact that her hair did not grow back after the chemotherapy was completed. Only a slight fuzz was on her scalp, so the lady always wore a cap in public. The elderly woman also suffered from many allergies and intolerances, and after the long therapy period, she also had to strongly resist starting the hair growth specialist's month-long program. Fortunately, she decided to do it, because already 3 months after the first massage there was a hair growth of new, strong hair on the top of her head. "Today after one year the customer has so much hair again to show herself in public without a hat and with a beautiful hairstyle" Biljana Tobler is happy for the customer.

Creating the basis for strong and vital hair growth

"By taking natural care of the scalp through proper and consistent cleansing and revitalization, we create the best foundation for strong and vital hair growth" says Biljana Tobler. After 3 months, the first improvements are visible. "Even if our customers are satisfied with their hair condition again after a few months, a sustainable total regeneration of the scalp takes up to 1.5 years" Biljana Tobler knows from experience.

Does the concept work?

Again and again, Ms. Tobler is asked whether the concept works. Her answer: "One factor for success is the client's discipline during the program and the other is my own conviction that I only work with products that lead to optimal results."

Are you looking for expert hair loss consultations in Zurich?

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Hair Vital - Naturcoiffure und Haartherapie - Your Coiffure and YELASAI Hair Growth Specialist in Zurich

Hair loss and hair growth YELASAI specialist consultation in Zurich

As a certified hair growth specialist in Zurich, Hair Vital - Naturcoiffure und Haartherapie can advise and guide you in maintaining healthy hair and hair problems of any kind through a holistic approach. The sophisticated concept consists of Ayurvedic-inspired cosmetic products for hair care, products specifically adapted to the hair and skin area for nutritional supplementation and the stimulation of meridian and acupressure points via the scalp. To activate hair growth Hair Vital - Naturcoiffure und Haartherapie offers you an effective and holistic solution concept. For hair care and hair maintenance , only natural products are used, which are selected based on individual personal needs.

The hair growth specialist Hair Vital - Naturcoiffure und Haartherapie offers consultation:

  • For natural hair thickening by reactivating the own hair roots.
  • Nourishing and restorative cosmetics
  • for weak, feeble, thinning or thinning hair
  • incase of hereditary hair loss, baldness, receding hairline, crown of hair
  • in case of circular, diffuse hair loss up to total hair loss
  • irregular, thin or poorly growing eyebrows
  • irregular and sparse beard growth
  • with stressed skin, dandruff and skin prone to itching