Haarausfall nach Chemotherapie - Kundenerfahrung

Hair loss after chemotherapy - customer experience

Hair Growth Specialist Supports Hair Loss After Chemotherapy

Hair loss after chemotherapy - I am a 64-year-old woman and had to learn that I suffer from breast cancer and have to undergo chemotherapy. Through my hairdresser and hair growth specialist Stefan Wallenstein in Constance, I became aware of the hair care concept ONCOHAIRCARE by YELASAI. I didn't have to think long and decided on the care program one week before my first chemotherapy. The first three months I had chemotherapy every 3 weeks, then 1 time a week.

Hair loss 3 weeks after the first chemotherapy

Around three weeks after the first chemotherapy, I noticed how some of my hair fell out. At one point, there was only about 20 to 30 percent hair left on my head. To feel more comfortable, I decided to cut the existing hair short. I was then just more comfortable with the wig. My hair growth specialist prepared me well for the possible hair loss and motivated me to work on the new hair growth. And indeed, just seven weeks later, we could already see the first hair growing back. I had only completed half of my chemotherapy, and the first hairs were already growing back? It gave me a very good feeling: Things are looking up for me again!

Hair growth during chemotherapy

Sometimes I had the impression that the hair growth did not change at all, but the photos showed me each time that I was wrong. My hair growth specialist took photos every two or three weeks and each time I could see for myself the increasing growth. It gave me a lot of strength and motivation to continue. I really enjoyed watching the hair grow, and sometimes I even shared the pictures with friends. Great to get the lovely feedback. On the last chemotherapy day, my hair was around three centimeters long. Just a good feeling. I would go through a hair growth specialist again anytime. I found it to be extremely positive and helpful, which is why I continued the regimen even during radiation therapy, which was much more energy draining for me. The motivating talks during this time gave me confidence and courage. My anxiety was greatly reduced, I felt somehow safe and always had the impression I was doing something good for my body with the products and care. It helped me immensely to better endure the stressful time of chemotherapy. I am very grateful for that. I can only recommend the products and support.