Haare nach Chemotherapie - Erfahrungsbericht Frau Pfister

Hair after chemotherapy - experience report Mrs. Pfister

Hair after chemotherapy - Mrs. Pfister and her experience

Video - Mrs. Pfister talks about her hair after chemotherapy


Report from Coiffure El Benna - your Coiffure and YELASAI hair growth specialist in Waltalingen.

Hair after chemotherapy - Mrs. Pfister in the video about your experience with YELASAI hair after chemotherapy is not a matter of course for those affected. About 5% of chemo patients do not get hair after chemotherapy. Mrs. Pfister was one of them. After 2 years of suffering, she found the holistic hair care method of the hair growth specialist. Care for hair loss during chemotherapy and radiation therapy!

Your hair preservation is important to us! We accompany you during oncological therapies, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy!