Haarwachstum trotz Total Haarausfall - Erfahrungsbericht

Hair growth despite total hair loss - experience report

Hair growth specialist supports hair growth

Experience with Total Hair Loss (Alopecia universalis): This client had no hair for 9 years. She tried everything and was deprived of any hope of new hair. Despite criticism, she grew hair again with the help of YELASAI care products. Since June 2016, the new care gel "Ayurveda Intensive Scalp Active Gel" has been used. By using the Intensive Care Gel, the hair grows much faster. The body hair is back, eyebrows and eyelashes as well. From month to month more strong hairs are visible. At first, downy hairs grow stronger and stronger.

In case of a total hair loss, often the entire head and body hair is suddenly lost. The reasons for such a total hair loss are very diverse and can range from a shock experience to poisoning.