Interview mit Gianni Coria über Natürliche Hilfe bei Haarausfall

Interview with Gianni Coria about his book

Gianni Coria interviewed about the background to hair growth

Oliver Bartsch is a multimedia developer, online editor and specialist journalist. His interview with Gianni Coria shows many interesting and still unknown backgrounds about hair loss and natural solutions for hair problems. Link to the interview with Gianni Coria:

Hair loss has many causes: emotional, mental or physical stress, organic problems, chemotherapy, hormone doses, improper care or unsuitable diet, as well as environmental stress. According to statistics, 40 percent of men and 20 percent of women are affected by hair loss. The manifestations are different: thin hair, bald patches, receding hairline or complete baldness - from diffuse to circular to complete hair loss, everything is possible.

In any case, the loss of hair has a significant impact on the lives of those affected. They are unhappy and sometimes desperate, as the search for causes and solutions for the hair problems often takes years or remains in vain. After intensive study of millennia-old Ayurvedic knowledge, supplemented by new scientific findings, Gianni Coria has developed a successful concept for the care and vitalization of the hair. Through the analysis of the scalp, an individual diagnosis and the stimulation of hair growth with the help of natural products and massages, he helps those affected to regain full and healthy hair. The professional know-how of the hair growth specialist includes:

  • the most important facts about hair, its structure and nutrient supply
  • the different types of hair loss and their possible causes
  • holistic forms of therapy, tips and tricks from professionals
  • successful case studies of users and affected persons from practice

About the author Gianni Coria

Gianni Coria (born 1976) worked as an assistant to the management of a Swiss chemical company and ran a practice for depth psychological cause research and human accompaniment as a sideline. In 2009, a client asked him for help because of her unsuccessfully treated circular hair loss. Coria succeeded in reactivating her hair growth with a combination of meridian point stimulation and the application of Ayurvedic products. Motivated by this result, his concept was successfully tested by hairdressers in Switzerland for a wide variety of hair problems. As a result, Coria founded the international network of hair growth specialists, called Hair-Active-Experts in foreign languages, which provides advice and support in a natural and sustainable way with trained professionals and its own range of care products.