Juckende Kopfhaut mit Ablagerungen bei der Frau

Itchy scalp with deposits in women

Contribution by Adéve Organic Salon from Waiblingen in Baden-Württemberg .

Our customer (mid-20s) is plagued by an itchy, irritated scalp. The deposits on the scalp are insufficiently removed with conventional cosmetic products. Even after normal shampooing and washing, the scalp is itchy. For this reason, she decided to have a scalp care treatment in our salon. The natural and mild care products such as Ayurvedic peeling , Ayurvedic massage oil and silicone-free hair shampoo from YELASAI were used. The result after cleaning, the tension on the head has disappeared, the scales and deposits have been removed. The customer will repeat the pleasant care in our salon. For at home we recommended her shampoo , conditioner , peeling and the Hair&Scalp Oil as well as a brush .

Many thanks to the customer for letting us share the results.